April 28, 2011

Guest Room

I have lately been eye-ing our guest room.
I'm really ready for a change.

And before you think I'm being wasteful because we just moved in and we just did that room - you can just calm down because nothing in that room is new. Every bit of it besides the bed frame, which is from my childhood room at my parent's house, is stuff that I bought in college. And I'm tired of it.

BUT I also am not looking to do a major over-haul. I want to keep the furniture (brass bed, cherry dresser, and vintage green chair) and the wall color. Because I am a practical person. And its still great furniture. And my mom would shoot me if I ever decided I didn't like the brass bed anymore because my granny gave it to me. Don't worry, Mom, I love it.

So here's what it looks like now.

The first thing that needs to change in this room is the lighting! The harsh white light make the room too bright. I googled "warm green rooms" and found this image from makefive.com:

This is much more the feel that I'm going for. Warm and rich. Not bright and juvenile.

The next thing to go is the window treatment (see above). Right now I just have a hastily placed denim curtain that went great in my college bedrooms. But it doesn't look great as a single panel by itself. I still don't know where I want to go with that. I am pretty sure though that I want to buy a curtain rod that extends wider than the actual window to make the window seem bigger. And what comes along with that is the closet "doors". Right now I have the same denim panels covering the closet as the window. The closet in that room was built on at some point and didn't have doors on it when we moved in. When you look at the above picture of the bed, look left and thats the closet. So I'll need some solution for that, too.

I really like this photo for inspiration from wellappointedhouse.blogspot.com:

I have thought long and hard about buying a white bedspread like the one above to tone down the rich colors in that room BUT as much as I like the picture above - I don't think I want to do a stark white bedspread. But I like this picture because it shows how great the wood and the dark colors on the wall decor look with the green.

So today when I was brainstorming about the room, I remembered that Mom had once let me have a bunch of fabric that she had loved but couldn't find a place for in her home. It has always reminded me a lot of these rugs that I love at Target::

The fabric that I have though, has more black and green in it, though. And I am a big fan of mixing black and brown. So the above design is my inspiration for this room. I think I want to get a tan bedspread like this, also from Target...

(sorry, this is the best quality picture I could get but.. its not like it has much detail anyway..)

And a pair of shams like this (again from Target)...

I think these will be a shade darker than the walls. And then make a few throw pillows out of the inspiration fabric and maybe a valance for the curtains. I'm thinking maybe some breezy curtians to hang under the valance?

P.S. I have been going back and adding "labels" to all of my posts. This will allow anyone (mostly me) to go back and easily find a previous post with out having to scroll though a million posts to find it. There will be a list of various subjects (like Our House, Zeb, etc) where you can click and see all the posts with that specific label. Its just taking a while though!
UPDATE: I finished the labels! See the sidebar on the right for a list of subjects you can go directly to.


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