April 4, 2011

March is gone!

Whew, its kind of been a whirlwind of a week but at the same time, I can't think of one good reason for not having blogged since last Wednesday... I don't have the excuse of children to keep me busy like my sister-in-laws!

Well, Kanyon and I are loving seeing a different view every time we drive up to our house! The trim looks so good and has allowed us to check one of the biggest to-do's off our list. We didn't end up going together as planned last week to Lubbock, though, so no new screen door yet! We decided we'd rather make a day of it sometime soon when we aren't rushing to make a decision before it gets dark or the store closes. Hopefully that will give us time to look into new faucets, too. My kitchen one has developed a nasty habit of falling off loudly anytime I turned it off. For some reason, I never remember its going to do that and the loud clang of the metal hitting the stainless steel scares me to death every time!
I did go to Lubbock, though, and ended up having a night to hang out with my friend Kaitlin! She ran all my errands with me and then I let her pick out her lingerie shower gift! I was going to buy one for her that night anyway and drop it off at the hostess's house since I would be missing the shower that Saturday night, but since she was with me, she got to pick it out and take it home with her early! I find myself feeling like I'm trying to take advantage of this time with her before she gets married and her move to Midland but then I realize .. a) I'm married and still hang out with friends.. and b) Midland is the same distance as Lubbock and won't be any farther away. So I don't know why I feel that way, ha!

I spent a lot of time with Tac the last few days and can't believe how old he looks! Just look at the little man!

On Friday, my friend Lauren came to visit!

One of my favorite pics of us taken for our friend's art project.

I was SO excited to see her. It felt like it had been a long time but really only a couple months. We spent Friday night cooking at home and watching movies and the Cosby Show late into the night. (Kanyon has got us both hooked on the Cosby Show.. He is so hilarious!)

Saturday, we went and hung out with Kasha, Al, and Tac a little bit. I wanted Lauren to meet them and also get a quick tour of the cotton gin! She wanted to know how it all worked and came away with a mini cotton bale :)  After playing with Tac a little, we made a stop at Troy and Sue's so she could see their 10 week old Aussie puppies. I swear they look like little bear cubs!

That afternoon, Kanyon and I left for San Angelo for a wedding and Lauren left for Midland to go see a friend while we were gone. The wedding was beautiful! I didn't get any pictures but they had it in the Stables at Fort Concho. It was a rustic but still very classy and beautiful wedding. They wrapped all of the posts in Christmas lights and Rhnea (Kanyon's aunt) did an amazing job, as usual, decorating the wedding and reception. 

Sunday was a day of relaxing, watching movies with Lauren, making Cowboy Calzones from the Pioneer Woman cookbook and saying goodbye before I headed off to study with my junior high girls. It was a great weekend!



  1. Tac is looking really big in that picture...and so handsome. The girls are going to be knocking on their door one day:) And are there still puppies? Will he still have them in a couple of weeks when I am there? I'm glad you and Lauren had a good weekend. I loved seeing her when I was in abilene.

  2. He still has two puppies left! One is sold so it might be gone when you get here. The other is a male that was sold and the buyer changed their mind. Any takers?