April 20, 2011

Sink Excitement

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest differences..

Kanyon and I were at Lowe's last week scouting out new doors, kitchen sinks, outdoor lighting.. mostly dreaming. But we did pick up a new sink faucet for our bathroom. And the difference has been ... probably more exciting to me than it should be.

The old sink faucet was silver and old fashioned. It spurted out water. You had to turn the hot water knob about three times to get anything. Not to mention it took 2.5 seconds for it to look dirty because of our hard water, which made the whole sink always look dirty.

The new faucet is oil-rubbed bronze. We even chose the most affordable one and its so pretty (to us).
It makes the whole sink look cleaner.. and it doesn't show hard water spots!

That was probably not exciting for 99% of you.



  1. Oh girl, I feel your excitement. I was like that when we made the same change to our sink in Ohio. It's good to find joy in small things!

  2. I get excited about things like that, too! The new faucet looks great. Very exciting! :) Your yard looks really good, too. Miss y'all!