April 11, 2011


(I'm not great at thinking of creative blog post titles..)

First of all.... Happy Birthday, Mama Brown!!

Second of all... look what Kanyon surprised me with this weekend!!

Since day one, Kanyon and I have wanted to put a hide down in the living room under our table and we just never got around to ordering it. Kanyon was ordering leather last weekend and they were having a sale so he finally ordered it! Isn't it beautiful!?!

Third of all, I want to direct everyone's attention to a ministry I have been following and felt I needed to tell everyone about. If you're FB friends with me, you may have already seen my status about it.

Please head on over to the Ekisa Ministries blog. It is a relatively new ministry in Uganda. They are two girls in their 20's who felt God call them to care for the disabled orphans in Uganda. After finally finding a house, hiring some disabled adults who otherwise wouldn't be able to get jobs, and getting the word out that they were able to take in children, they already have some amazing stories to share. Their most recent blog post about Walter had me in tears of sadness.. but also of joy that this beautiful child finally has loving hands to care for him. PLEASE go check it out.

Heading to lunch!



  1. I love it! Can't wait to see it this weekend! and you and Kanyon and Zeb of course..

  2. love the rug! I struggle with the "no creative blog titles" :(

  3. LOVE it! Looks so perfect with that table, wall color...etc...