April 29, 2011

A little clean up.

First of all, I have really enjoyed having this blog  and just wanted to say thanks to my family and friends that read it  : )  Its been a great outlet for me and fun place to chronicle our happenings and my thoughts.

So, I wanted to let you know I've been trying to do a little clean up here and there.

The first and most exciting one to me was adding the "labels" feature to my blog. It was always frustrating to me when someone would ask about what we've been doing lately to the house or something and I'd have a great picture to show them from the blog.. only to find out I couldn't find it because I'd have to scroll through a million posts to find the one I was looking for. Solution: labels. I went back and put a label on every post (all 131 of them - I passed my 100th blog post milestone and didn't even realize it!). So now if you are looking for posts about a specific thing like "Farming" or "Our Home", this will make it a lot easier. Maybe someday I can make it more detailed but for now that's great to me!

Second is I changed out the pictures on our header. Like?  : )  I wanted to incorporate an updated picture of Zeb that I love and a new picture of Kanyon and I.

Third, I went back and cleaned up our pages. Those are the different areas of the blog you can go to. See the box to the right that is titled "Pages"? I edited and added more to the More About Us page and just edited the Pictures page a little.

I'm working on adding a blog roll back onto my blog. I originally had one and then took it out because my Blogger Profile included one anyway but I'd like to put it back in.


Hope yall have a great weekend! I am heading to Abilene in about 30 minutes. A couple of my best girl friends are leaving for long term mission trips in Africa and in South America. I'm so excited for them! That will make 4 of Kanyon and I's best friends living long term in another country for missions. Sweet.

So we are having a girl's weekend and a few of us are coming in for a fun weekend to say goodbye before they leave. Nothing fancy, just eating out, laying out by the pool and hanging out. Sounds perfect!


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