August 25, 2011

The latest leather job.

With Kanyon working on his leather shop, I'm already excitedly thinking about all the room I'm going to get to re-claim in the closet of our office when he moves all his leather and tools out of it!

I'm also excited that he will get to have his own room out there to spread out and organize his stuff. I know his creativity and desire to do projects is really hampered by the fact that he doesn't really have a designated place to do it and has to dig through boxes for stuff. He said himself he can see himself doing a lot more projects once he has a room for it. Right now, its the kitchen table... nice.

He is still doing some leather work though. Here's a belt he made for our banker, Ed, last week. I think its beautiful!


  1. I'm excited about his shop too! And that belt IS beautiful!

  2. He makes me so proud!!! What does he want for his birthday?