August 21, 2011

You could probably skip this post.

This is going to be a short post. Because its Sunday. I'm tired. Because I just got done giving my one year old Australian Shepherd a bath (shower?) outside.  And because Remember the Titans is on TV!

We had another low-key weekend. I'm beginning to think I've become a homebody. But I know once fall comes full force in a couple weeks (first football game on Friday!!), I'll be wishing I had more weekends like this. 

I did finish painting the trim in the hallway though!

Here's a small glimpse of the embarrassing "before":

I really can't believe we let it stay like that for so long. I guess when you really don't want to do something, you can make yourself not see it.

And here's that same door now:

The bottom inch or so of the door frames I left for Kanyon since he's got a much more steady hand than I do and he's going to finish the baseboards.

Last night, we headed to Lubbock to grab dinner and see a movie. We ended up not watching a movie since there weren't any we wanted to see at the right times. But we had dinner at Hayashima's Hibachi Grill. It was so yummy. Today after church, we had lunch with Coach Clayton and Janie Fryar and their two super cute boys and tonight we are having dinner with Meme and Grandad and watching another installment of Anne of Green Gables! Great weekend.

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