August 23, 2011


Loved going to Meet the Dragons tonight! Its finally starting to feel like summer could be over soon, THANK GOODNESS!

(Meet the Dragons is kind of like a kick-off for the school year that everyone comes out to and eats hamburgers at the football field. Oh and they introduce the football team and cheerleaders, hence the "meeting" part.)

So there has been some of this going on in our backyard the last couple of days...


Okay, maybe not that extreme. But Kanyon and his dad have started cleaning out and gutting parts of the back house, that is going to be Kanyon's leather shop.

I had the pleasure of going through this room.. I'm pretty sure it is home to several seriously poisonous snakes and spiders but I swallowed my fear (Kanyon is rolling his eyes.. he's under the delusion that there are not snakes in there. Yah. Sure) and went through all 20 billion paint cans to decide which ones we wanted to keep. We inherited a lot of paint from the previous owners and have acquired quite a bit ourselves. I was able to pare it down to about 15 cans. And moved it to a different storage shed with no deadly snakes. I told myself I didn't have to work out for a week from all that work... Kanyon is rolling his eyes again.

I can't wait to see how much better its going to look with a new door, the window repaired, and a door over the open closet!

Oh and we also installed a pool in our backyard.

(Its for Zeb.)

Zeb kept shamelessly jumping into all my pictures...

Oh, and if anyone ever tells you or you read in a bunch of places that Knock-out Roses will even live through a drought... remember this picture.

Ha. Proved them wrong.

Inside the house... I changed up a couple of more things that will probably mean little to you. But humor me because I was excited!

Notice the couch before...

And now after with my new quilt...

It may not seem as dramatic in these pictures but it really brightens up the room! I'm trying to add more white in there. If anyone sees any cute throw pillows that would add white to (and go with... that's what I'm having trouble with) the room, let me know! Oh and also they need to be less than $20. Another problem.

I also picked up a couple of frames that I've loved for a long time but have been out of my price range for 75% off the other day! Only $9.50 for this beautiful frame! So I got one more of this size and a small one for $4. Different designs but similar style.

And if you noticed that the quilt I put on the couch is one of the ones I bought for the guest bedroom, props to you. I haven't mentioned the guest bedroom in a while because I'm still working on it but its coming together!

Hope you had a great Monday.

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