August 4, 2011

Feeling less than ideal.

I'm bummed right now. Kanyon and I planned on having the kids (the nieces and nephews in town right now.. see last post) over tonight for pizza and dirt cups.. but I developed a sore throat last night that developed into a nauseating headache, sore throat, and congestion today that Dayquil has not been able to kick.

I hate getting sick. It makes me feel weak somehow, like I can't hack everyday life. That might be because someone I've come to be around all the time since moving here is a hypochondriac and comes in with a complaint about what he/she is sick with everytime I greet him/her (sorry.. I hate speaking ill of anyone and I'm uncomfortable with anyone even guessing who I'm talking about.. but don't worry, its no one that reads this blog.. its not you). But its the truth. I've come to think of this person every time I feel a little under the weather and make myself think I'm being a pansy.

But the annoying part is.. I've been sick more times since moving here two January's ago than I ever did at any other point in my life. Even college, surrounded by other kids and germs. But my first year here, it seemed like every time I turned around I felt terrible. Everyone kept saying it was the different pollen in the air or the fact that I've never lived anywhere where harvest has happened. Fiber flying everywhere, dust... I understand that maybe it should take me a while to get used to it. But sheesh... I was sick everyday in November. I couldn't speak at Thanksgiving.

I got to the point where I wouldn't tell anyone, even Kanyon, when I felt sick because I was tired of hearing it myself. A few weeks ago, Kanyon mentioned in passing how I've been getting headaches lately and I winced inside. I am that girl that gets headaches.

I should mention .. people who actually get real headaches, like my friend Heather - I've never thought of them as weak. Actually, Heather is one of the most active and strong people I know. But I know my headaches don't hold a candle to her blinding and nauseating ones.

Wanna know something really gross? I had never hawked a loogie (I don't even know how to spell it) in my entire life until I moved to Welch. I had to have Kanyon teach me because my congestion became so bad. Now ... it is seriously a daily occurance. How sick is that? (Don't worry, I still don't let Kanyon hear me do it.. talk about a romance killer.)

This year since January has been better. Maybe my body is getting more used to it. But right now I feel like someone punched me in the nose because of this sinus pressure.

Sorry for the rant. I just really wanted dirt cups tonight.

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