October 17, 2011

Kanyon's Leather Shop

No, its not done, but that's okay. Its coming around the home stretch!

Well, I am finally giving you an update. I feel a little squirmish about showing you some of these pictures because there are some changes that still need to be made that will add to the "easy-on-the-eyes" approach that I am going for and that Kanyon (shockingly) has no care for. We'll see.

First a before:

YIKES. And that is after Kanyon replaced the roof! Just imagine a horrible roof for me.

Now, here is where we stand at the moment:

The exterior looks very basic but so much better! I'm very proud of how much work Kanyon has put into this little shop. We plan on painting the door the same blue our front door is and adding some metal decor (probably a Texas star - how original!) to the right side of the door, centered. Also, Kanyon is going to build a door from leftover metal from the roof over the closet on the left. 

A close up of the window. It is such a major improvement. Kanyon had to totally gut the trim and replace it.

Again, this is where we will have a metal door the same color of the roof. We think we are going to put Zeb's bed and a heat lamp for him in there.

And the inside - still some more to do, obviously, but the truth is - this is a shop, not a living room. The floor is a rubber material, which will be great for Kanyon having to stand for long periods of time and also for absorbing the thump-thump-thump of the treadmill when we're running on it. Kanyon is planning on building some shelving and other stuff we haven't worked out yet. But it is functional finally, and that is great!


 (where the treadmill will go - Kanyon doesn't think I'm strong enough to help him move it .. psh)

If you noticed above, there is a hallway off the front door. Kanyon is going to build some wall to wall shelving on the right and back wall. He will also replace that A/C unit. That closet on the left is a large one and we store lots of stuff in there. I moved all our Christmas stuff out of the guest room closet and Kanyon moved it all out there the other day. So nice to have all those boxes out. Now the leather gets to move out of the closet soon, too! Yay for re-claiming our closets.

Also, those white sheets are covering a trundle bed mattress, which will replace the treadmill in the office. So that means I get to buy new bedding ;)

Have a great Monday!

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  1. The leather shop looks great!! How cool is it that the house y'all bought came with such a perfect little place for him to do his thing AND a place to put a treadmill!?