October 4, 2011


First of all, I know that I kind of left my guest room updates and the leather shop updates hanging. But that's for a reason.. because I haven't been able to do much since those updates. But Kanyon and I walked through the shop last night and he told me what all he has left to do. And I am getting materials today for a project for the guest room. So updates will hopefully be coming soon?

In other news, now that I've gotten two of the bigger chunks of our weekend in Houston told, I think this is going to be a conglomerate of the rest of the weekend!

Friday night, Kanyon and I flew in to Houston about 8:00, about the same time as my cousin Emily, who flew in from OKC after work. That night, my family all just hung out at home, ate a great dinner from Mom and just relaxed.

 Dad playing with his new wine decanter/big boy toy.

Saturday, though, was busy busy. We woke up and headed to downtown Houston for Micah and Emry's birthday party. We got home from there around 3:00 or so? When we got home my family was watching the Oklahoma State game and we had time to sit for a little while.

From there, we headed to a nearby neighborhood to take some family pictures with our friend Megan, who is a photographer! Here is a link to her blog post about our session with a sneak peak of pictures! She had a hand in helping us surprise our parents since we knew we would be going pretty much straight from pictures to the surprise party, where she also took pictures for us.

Love this picture of all of us.

After a really late night after the surprise party visiting with friends and family, we woke up for church at my home church the next morning. I was particularly excited to go this Sunday because they had just moved into their new location. Well, really, they had mostly moved out of the building we had been in for about 10 years and are currently meeting in the YMCA. I've been so excited for them. Moving out of that building was going to be a major load off of them financially and it was exciting to be starting a new chapter. It was great seeing all the new faces that meeting at a YMCA brought and the excitement of something different.

After church, Mom and I skipped going out to lunch with everyone because we were helping host a bridal shower at our house in a couple hours! My best friend Camille from high school is getting married! I don't have a single picture from the shower unfortunately (I'm sure someone else does..) because at that point, I was running on fumes.. but she had a great shower and I enjoyed getting to meet a couple of her aunts that I hadn't really ever met.

I really had trouble deciding which picture to show of Camille and her fiance, Jacob.. because they are all so beautiful! Are they not a gorgeous couple!?

 (Photo by When It Clicks Photography)

After the shower was over and we finished visiting with friends and cleaned up, it was about 5:00. I think I was on my second fifth wind or something because I don't know how I stayed in the upright position the rest of the night.

For dinner, we just took all of the leftover food out of the fridge and had a mostly Italian but also some other stuff meal. Kalum and Ashley came over - wait .. quick picture of Kalum and Ashley from the surprise party..

You're welcome.

Anyways, we had a great dinner (Dad and I ran to the store and bought some really good olives.. something I had to drive to Lubbock for them to be uncanned or jarred.. Kanyon is rolling his eyes, I'm sure). And we got to eat some more of the awesome cake that Kalum and Ashley got for Mom and Dad's party.

And then Rachel, one of my best friends, and Jeremy stopped by! Jeremy is from Texas City and Rachel just got an internship in the area after she graduated this summer so she is really close to my parent's house! She got a puppy for her birthday and brought her over.

Elly was a teensy bit nervous around Holly Belle but she got over it pretty quick. It was so good to see Rachel and Jeremy. I don't even remember the last time the four of us actually sat down together. 

Another late night, got up early and headed to the airport and then worked that afternoon! It was a great weekend.

Now, just because I found this in my phone from last week and its too cute not to share..

Mr. Tac. Kanyon put him up on the hat rack at Emmaus. Look at that cheesin'.

Have a great Tuesday!

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