October 24, 2011

Monday pictures.

Not much too exciting happened last weekend. Friday, I skipped out on the Dawson football game because I had basically only been home to sleep in the last week. They won, though, so great job, dragons! My friend Kaitlin just started making customized newsboy caps with your favorite team on them and I ordered a Dawson one. I'm excited!

Not much to talk about Saturday either. Kanyon went to an auction and I to a baby shower, then we ran errands in Lubbock and had dinner. Then watched the games (Texas Tech and Texas Rangers) at our friends Megan and Mason's house. And Sunday was the regular.

BUT don't worry, I have some pictures to show you.. of puppies! Ha. Troy and Sue's dogs had another litter. They are Zeb's full blood siblings and they are so cute!

So here's all I have to show for my weekend:

These Australian Shepherd puppies are a month old. ARE THEY NOT ADORABLE?

Sorry, I'm kind of crazy about them.

The chocolate colored one in the last shot was cracking us up. He kept barking at his siblings everytime they laid down like he was wanting them to play with him. He was so agitated!

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