October 3, 2011

Micah and Emry's B-day Party

I love little kid's parties! It doesn't matter what kind of cake there is, what present they open.. the whole day is about them and they love it! And the adults that love them love it, too.

We got to celebrate our neices' Micah and Emry's birthday on the same day. The best day for Kyla and Alan (Micah's parents, and whose house the party was at) happened to be a weekend that Kanyon and I had already planned to be in Houston! We were excited we weren't going to have to miss this one like we have to with so many. We missed Sena and Daniel and the kids that day!

Here are the birthday girls blowing out their candles! Emry, on the left, turned 3 (though she talks like a 25 year old) and Micah turned 2!

At the beginning of the day, Micah was still saying she was 1, but after blowing out candles, she told me she was 2! I guess she needed some sort of closure to her first year before committing to being 2 years old. ;)

Sorry about the iPhone photos.. my point-and-shoot broke a little while back and I haven't gotten around to replacing it..

Kyla is so talented at making birthday cakes. Obviously I could take a few lessons from her considering Kanyon's cake this year.. ha.

There was lots of family in attendance since several family members have moved to the Houston area in the last few years!

 Uncle Kirk with his super cute grandson, Braylon!

Ben (Kanyon's cousin) and his wife Becca with Braylon again.

Opening presents!

 The birthday girls with their families. I think Emry's sneaking some cake :)

I'm so glad we got to come to this birthday party and get time in with both sides of our family this weekend!

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  1. I just need to send you my pictures and let you update my blog! :) I'm so glad y'all got to be at the party!