October 27, 2011

Bullet List

I feel like I've been out of my blog mojo lately. But I think it's more because I haven't taken very many pictures lately than the fact that I haven't been doing anything. Because life's been is crazy.

Sidenote: I am going to stop saying that "life has been busy lately" because I can't remember the last time I couldn't say that about life. I really envisioned a less busy life when I graduated college. Because I had so much on my plate back then.. usually taking 18 hours so I could graduate early, a (measly) job, a Young Life leader (pretty much a full time job), and involvement in a couple clubs. Oh, and I had friends. Oh, and a boyfriend/fiance. But we never saw each other till the weekends cause he worked like a dog. (He actually liked putting in full-time worthy hours on top of school ---> weird.)

Anyways, I have no new pictures for this post. I mostly just wanted to fill everyone in on what has been going on. We'll go with bullet form, shall we?

  • The guest room renovation and the leather shop are not finished and have not been touched since the last post about them.. Who's surprised?

  • I have several of my favorite people in my life pregnant right now! (That sounded like I got them pregnant, which makes no sense, but I'm just gonna leave it.) AND I'm throwing my first baby shower (actually first shower ever..) for Kasha in a couple weeks! I've been planning it for a while now. Not because I'm stressed about getting everything done but because I'm excited about it! I would show some inspiration pictures but I don't want to spoil it. Ya know, since I'm going to blow everyone's minds with the decor that no one has ever seen before. (Not.)

  • Kanyon, Kalith (father in law), and Dan (uncle) are about to start harvest! I love this time of year. I need to go out and take pictures of his cotton, though he may not want me to do that being this is a drought year, i.e. super weak cotton. Here's an (ugly) picture of where we're at from last year:

  • My brother is living in South America at the moment and I'm yet to blog about it. That needs to be fixed. He is a mountain man

  • This weekend, Mom and I are meeting in Fredericksburg for our 2nd Annual Girl's Weekend (capitalizing it makes it official). Last year, we went to Cloudcroft, NM. This year, we decided to go to Fredericksburg since she had never been (I think?) and I've only been once and want to go back. Its a perfect mid-point between Welch and Clear Lake, too. I am so excited!

  • Camille's wedding is in a few weeks. I finally decided on a dress (we got to pick out our own dress as long as it was green) and made my appointments for nails and hair, etc, and it is coming up so fast! I can't wait! It's going to be such a sweet wedding.. I feel so good about this marriage. They're great people.
          This is the dress I got (click here to go to J. Crew page):

       Super excited to wear it. Love that gorgeous green.

  • Kanyon bought another gun on Sunday. He decided a while ago that he wants to collect guns so he's been researching and reading up on them. He already had a few but he loves learning about them and going to gun shows and finding a great deal on the really good ones. I'm happy for him that he gets so excited about that. This one he was particularly excited about. His dad has the same gun and Kanyon says its an amazing gun but it was discontinued. Well, after reading up on them and finding out their worth and usual asking price, he went to this gun show with our friend Mason on Sunday with the intention of finding one (they're rare these days) and actually found it and got a great price for it. As he walked away to meet up with Mason, three people asked him how much he wanted for it in the course of ten minutes and a few salesman congratulated him on a great purchase. Needless to say, he was pumped.

  • Our new secretary at work started last week. It is so nice to hand back to her the secretarial tasks I have been keeping up with while we were interviewing and hiring her. It has made a significant positive impact on my work life! She is excellent and life is pretty great at work again. It got so busy for a while that I felt like I was drowning in my to-do list. You never would think that churches could be like that but believe it or not, a church can be just as busy as any other business.

I feel better now that we've caught up. Have a great Thursday!

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