January 16, 2012

Dawson County Stock Show

Actually a better title would be "Some pictures of Al and Kasha's kids".

This was a really fun weekend. We didn't get much sleep but that was our own faults for staying up late watching movies or our latest TV series addiction. And thats the way I prefer it.

The stock show actually began on Thursday morning but I only made it out Thursday night after work and Friday at lunch. (My sinuses told me that was plenty.) I really love stock shows. The kids showing love it and everyone comes out for them. We got to see some friends that we haven't seen much since football season.

I didn't take many pictures because I was afraid I would be putting a neon sign above my head that read GREW UP IN THE SUBURBS. Gotta blend in, you know? But I did get a couple of Tac. Who's surprised?

Helping Dad with the shoots. They pull a lever to let the pigs go into the arena to be shown.

Here he is talking to the pig!

Friday night, we went to the Dawson basketball games (Dawson is the name of our county and is the name of our school in Welch). The games were at Wellman and the girls lost but the boys won! Our boys have been playing so hard this year.

Saturday morning, we headed to the Sale (auctioning off the animals that were shown that weekend) for the stock show. Someone came to visit us at our table.

While we don't have kids yet that are selling and we're not bidding on any of the animals, everyone has the opportunity to add on to the selling price. The auction is basically a fundraiser for the local kids who have put money and time into their animals. This is a way for the community to help support them monetarily. Other people can add on to the amount the kids receive. So Kanyon and I like to go and add on to the selling price.

Al and Kasha's three week old baby, Ainsley, got to come, too, and had her eyes open long enough for me to take pictures of her! She sleeps a lot so this was exciting!

Oh my goodness. I can't stand looking at this picture and not going to see her right this very second. Her and momma are coming over tonight though, so I'm counting down the hours.

That night, we had our friends and their kids over, the Fryars. Clayton is the basketball coach at Dawson and they attend church with us. Afterwards, Kanyon headed over to the other basketball coach's house to play poker with Clayton. He lost money. A whole $5 buy-in.

Sunday was business as usual - church and then lunch at our in-laws. Usual but always my favorite time of the week. That night, Kanyon's mom made a birthday dinner for Landon (his birthday is January 12th) and invited his girlfriend and her parents. Vaughn has a child's birthday every two weeks about in January and February!

Hope yall had a great weekend!

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