January 23, 2012

Second Anniversary

Today is Kanyon and I's second anniversary. I would say that two years ago was the best day of my life, but that might not be true. While I love how amazing the beginning of our marriage was, I'm more excited about the present and the future. I am looking forward to so much, including going home tonight to him.

He sent me this bouquet at work today!

I am so incredibly grateful to God for being married to him.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a wonderful night celebrating your love :)

  2. So pretty! Happy anniversary!! Ps.. I got the S & P grinders at Meijer... not sure you have those where you are so here is the link :) http://www.meijer.com/s/katie-brown-salt-or-pepper-mill/_/R-184133

  3. These are beautiful! I know I said it on the 23rd but Happy 2 years again. Believe me, with work, prayer, love, patience, lots of laughter:) the years just keep on getting better. I'm proud of both of you for having great priorities from day one in your marriage. The blessings will keep coming! Love you both.