January 12, 2012

The Other Room

The former office is now just another bedroom since I switched the furniture with the other bedroom. So to keep it from being a storage room, we pulled out a trundle bed that we had in storage and stuck it in there. It was a little crazy-town in there for a while because December itself was crazy-town and we ended up throwing all the gift-wrapping stuff, the dresser and buffet we bought from friends, and my brother-in-law in there for most of that month... He stayed with us while the whole family was in town and spread out at his parent's house, along with Amy who lives with Kanyon's sister Jada. But she got the big bed guest bedroom. Girl's just get that privelege.

So once December was over and done with, the wrapping stuff got put away and the furniture got moved around. Its now a clean and organized room that doesn't give me hives. (Disorganization does that to me.)

The aforementioned dresser we bought from my friend Lauren stayed in that room and we got an old sketch from Kanyon's mom that Kanyon hung in his college house. 

So since I'm still not wanting to paint in there since we want to make it a nursery someday, I'm trying to use what we already have in there for the time being. I'm happy with how this corner turned out. This is the view that you get walking down the hallway. Those antlers on top are two of Kanyon's bucks, one of them was his first every when he was little.

*I know that that cord from the lamp showing like that is a decor faux pas. But I don't much care, thank ya.

I also pulled out on of my Granny's quilts for the bed. I love this particular one and would love to work it into a room someday.

And yup, that corner is all I'm going to show you because the rest of the room is just a dresser, a desk, and a trunk. But its organized, and thats all that matters! For a while.


  1. Love that Granny Quilt!! Those two rooms are beautiful! I think you and Riley have similar decorating styles right now. I wish she thought cleaning was fun. Did you think it was fun in H.S.? I can't remember.

    1. Actually I did love organizing and rearranging in HS too. BUT cleaning? Like with a rag and spray? Not so much. And still working on loving that.

  2. hi, I think it's time to get a baby in there, mmm hmmm, I sure do. O and the rooms are so cute! Can't wait to come visit again.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think its time to get a baby in there too. Too bad it takes nine months... And bring your husband too ;)