January 26, 2012

Landon's New Baby

A couple weeks ago, Landon and Troy traded horses and Landon got a baby to raise!

I'm going to stop talking about it now since I'm already at risk of sounding like I don't know anything about horses. I'm just here to take pictures, yall.

I love going to Troy's. His horses are all so friendly and he sometimes has a litter of Australian Shepherd puppies along with several grown Aussies. LOVE those dogs. If you didn't already know, Troy is the one who gave us Zeb. The gift that keeps on giving. We love him.

Zeb loves chasing birds... for hours.

I love horses, they are such beautiful creatures...

Speaking of horses, we saw War Horse last weekend and loved it!


  1. Which one is his new baby? and which one did he trade? Freckles? You can just tell by these pictures Zeb is loving it! I think I'm needing a welch weekend!

    1. I actually didn't get a picture of the new baby on my camera and so I forgot to put it on here! I did get one on my phone and that one went up on Facebook.