January 11, 2012

Guest Bedroom

Well, I finally took pictures and edited them of my guest bedroom. It was my favorite room of the house for a little while before I took down and rearranged all the decor in the living room! Hopefully it won't take me months to show those, too...

Of course, the reason I've been postponing showing this room is because there are two things that still need to be done. And still aren't. But oh well.

How about a before (with bad lighting and editing that made the green reeeally lime):

And here it is now:

(That window on the floor leaning against the wall is going to be on the wall above the bed landscape style ... its one of the things keeping the room from being finished... ahem Kanyon.)

The fabric was given to me by Mom when we first got married. She couldn't find a use for it and I figured I might. So Vaughn made me a couple of shams and that small pillow. We have plans to replace that brown throw at the end of the bed with a throw made out of this fabric. And I used the excess to make this valance.

You can't really see in the pictures but up close you can see the nail head trim on the ends.

Our "office" has now been moved to this room. It really only consists of a desk and file cabinet, which is in the closet.

Since I switched the furniture between the office (now just another bedroom) and this guest bedroom, all the walnut stained furniture is in the other bedroom.

I really love how this room turned out. It is much more the vision I had for it when I painted this room this color. And when I say "I painted" I mean I picked out the color because Mama Brown painted it for us! (How awesome is that?)

I also cleaned out both the closet in this bedroom and the other one. When we moved in, a lot got thrown in there. I donated or relocated a lot of stuff and now they are nice and organized. Organizing closets is so fun to me! (No, thats not a joke.)

I'm about to update the Our Home page to reflect all the changes. I'll be updating that page a little over the next few months (hopefully!) with some changes we have planned.