January 3, 2011

Christmas Part Two

I just realized that I never did the second part of my Christmas post! Whoopsie.

We left for Round Rock on December 22nd after I got off work at spent the night and morning at Kanyon's sister Sena's house with her husband and two kids. They just had a baby boy named Asher who we were very excited to meet!

Driving for six hours after working that day made us a little tired.. Can you tell?

He is the sweetest little babe to hold! He is cuddly and sleeps all the time. Well except when its the middle of the night according to his mother but that doesn't affect me :) Ha. I should probably take that back.. Karma could get me back.

We went on to Houston on Wednesday, the 23rd, and had a great time. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures except the ones I put on the blog on Christmas Eve already.

That night, we had our annual Family Charades Night with the Rogers and Jones families. Its always a fun and loud and competitive night. I think we have gotten too good for our own good though, because I tried to play a game similar to it a couple weeks ago with some girls and all of them complained that my entries were too hard.. They would have been considered easy at our family night.. What can I say? I'm used to playing with professionals.

Christmas Eve was spent cooking and hanging out with family and friends around the table at my mom's Annual Christmas Eve Party. She decided this year that it would be her last so I'm already a little panicky thinking about what we are going to do on Christmas Eve now?!? We've done this party since before I can remember.. Any suggestions?

Christmas Day was so wonderful. Its my favorite day of the whole year.. I don't even care that I sound so cliche right now, its the truth. I'm a sap for all things Christmas. After we opened gifts and stockings, we ate a big meal of turkey and dressing as a family. Kalum Tuggle, the youth minister at my parent's church and a close family friend, spent the day with us, too. His wife Ashley was in Amarillo with her family but since Kalum is on staff at the church, he had to stay home and work the Christmas Eve service. Bummer if you ask me. But we loved having him with us and I've worn the necklace he picked out and bought himself (!) several times already.

We had plans to go see a movie but what ended up happening was a lot of playing with the dogs, playing on Kanyon's Xbox 360 Kinect that I got him for Christmas (he was s-h-o-c-k-e-d), and taking naps by the fireplace the rest of the day and the next.

We had to leave on Monday since I am a grown up now and had to be back at work Tuesday. Boo. But it was a greeeat Christmas and I am sadly taking down Christmas stuff slowly. Very slowly. As in its all of my kitchen counter because I'm having a hard time figuring out where/how to store it all.

Off to my birthday dinner at Vaughn and Kalith's house! (My b-day was yesterday!)


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  1. Happy Birthday yesterday! Do you like your x-box kinect? i heard they are really fun. We got a wii for Christmas and have been having Mario Cart tournaments every night!