January 7, 2011


I'm looking forward to, hopefully, another restful weekend before we are gone the next two weekends (both for exciting things though!) and maybe I'll get the house cleaned? Maybe not? I'm thinking probably I'm not.

Also, on Sunday, I am going to begin leading the Jr High girl's bible study on Sunday night for First Baptist, the church I work at! I am so excited about it.

I thought that I'd give an update on Zeb, though. He hasn't been the focus of a post in a while :)

 Zeb with my parent's yellow lab, Holly Belle (actually technically Holly was given to me for Christmas my senior year so I guess they're both mine!)

Zeb is 6 and a half months old and reminds me of that middle stage of Simba in Lion King when he's older but doesn't have his mane yet.. Australian shepherds have mane-ish hair around their face that grows in when they turn one. So he's teenage Simba right now.

He's calmed down a lot already and has impressed us with his ability to not be annoyingly hyper. But he definitely likes to play, though. He has decided that he no longer wants to play fetch, he'd rather Kanyon and I chase him around to take whatever it is we're playing with away from him! So Kanyon and I can be seen running circles around the living room to catch Zeb.

He still goes out with Kanyon everyday and Kanyon loves it. When he turns one, Troy (the cowboy we bought Zeb from) says they can start taking Zeb out with them to work cattle with Zeb's dog daddy Deetz so he can learn from him. But apparently Aussies will amaze you with their innate sense of shepherding that doesn't need to be learned.. I'm excited to see him work!

This is Deetz, Zeb's dad who he will look exactly like in build but like his mom in color:

(Troy on the left with Tac in his lap and Al Crisp on the right... thanks Kasha for the pic ha)

Kanyon told me last night that he started leaving him out in the back of his truck when he goes into town. He'll be in the bank for thirty minutes and Zeb will obediently wait for him in the back of his truck as people walk by! I think that's amazing to already be doing that at such a young age!

Everyone have a great weekend! We have our local stock show going on and Kanyon's on the board so we'll probably be up there all weekend but I'm planning on sleeping innnnn on Saturday.. yay!


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  1. Holly trying to be a good girl and not get on the carpet while the dark one is all over the house:)