January 13, 2011

Sorry :/

I'm sorry that I've not posted in a while, I've actually started two posts since my last and both times whatever computer I am on did not recognize my memory card. And now as I was about to finally get it done, I realized I didn't have my memory card with me. Gah!

So I will have to use pictures I've already taken. Last weekend, Kanyon and I stayed at home on Friday night eating dinner and watching some more 24. I have to admit, I'm sick of that show.. All the suspense and the ridiculous amount of drama and stress is too much to watch back to back episodes. I'm ready for us to move on to another series! There are still two or three more seasons I believe though :/  We are going to watch Prison Break next and I'm so excited cause I've wanted to watch that for a long time.

Saturday, we had our Welch Stock Show at the school's barn. I love it when we have Welch events because everyone comes out and I get to see everyone at once. Kanyon worked the show and I had to leave a little early to run to Lubbock so I could be fitted for a bridesmaid's dress! My friend Kaitlin got engaged on Christmas Day!

The future Mr and Mrs Riojas :)

Their wedding will be in April and I had to rush and get it ordered now so it will be in by late March at least. That night, Kanyon and our friends Megan and Mason met me in Lubbock to go out to eat at a really good steakhouse.

This week has been a good one at work, pretty laid back, and then last night I got to go to Midland and have dinner with my really good friend Heather Lowery.

Her family is from Midland so she was home for a few more days and I met her there to have dinner and she surprised me with a beautiful necklace for my birthday :) I got to see her family for only about 45 minutes and then drove home the hour drive. It was soo good to hang out with her last night.

But I get to see her AGAIN in two days!! Kanyon and I are going to Abilene this weekend to say goodbye to our two of our best friends Jason and Stephen. They are leaving for Kenya on Tuesday for a couple years! I'm so excited for them. We'll probably get to see them every 6 months or so because they'll have to come back that often because of their work visa, thankfully.

We'll be leaving Saturday morning (hopefully even Fri night) to go to Abilene and spend some time with them before they leave and all of our friends who are also coming in to tell them bye. Its been way too long since everyone has gotten all together. I can't wait!


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  1. Tell them goodbye for me and good luck! What a great adventure/ministry/opportunity/pleasure they will have...and what a blessing they will be to the people they serve and work with. I'm very happy for them.