January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I know, I know, everyone is blogging about their New Year's Resolutions but I actually have some this year for the first time!

1. Get much better about remembering and sending birthday cards. I love doing it but there's always ones I forget. Its funny, as I'm typing this, my friend Heather just texted me and said how sorry she was for forgetting to call me on my birthday. I told her she'd probably only have to wait at least a week before I would talk to her. I'm forgiving like that.
Just kidding!

2. Get to work on time every day.
Yes, I know, I'm that person who is late a lot. Not EVERY time, just some of the time. Enough that Kanyon is constantly checking to make sure I know what time it is every five minutes before we go somewhere. This is going to be really hard. But I did it this morning and I was so proud of myself!

.... that's all I got. But I think that these are two attainable but still challenging goals. Wish me luck!

I WILL finish putting up Christmas stuff tonight. I am putting my foot down and NOT watching hours of 24 in a row.
I hope I can stand strong.

1 comment:

  1. You can do it!! At least get to work on time:) I still haven't mastered the art of getting birthday cards to everyone on time..