January 28, 2011

Friday and the happiness that comes with it!

I know everyone does.. but I love Fridays.. it makes me feel good to know that I have put another week of hard work behind me and have a weekend ahead of me.

Something else that has put me in a great mood is that my Mom is here visiting me this weekend!

I love it when she comes! She brought my birthday present with her - a Caphalon non-stick griddle! I'm excited to try it out tonight. We're going to make steaks with some of the outrageous amount of red meat in our house.. 2 deers, a box of steaks, and about 6 lbs of ground beef. Not to mention the breakfast sausage and bacon. Sorry, you probably didn't care about that.

Mom brought our yellow lab from Houston with her (I say "our" because technically she was my Christmas present) and we have had some laughs because Zeb is obviously in love with her.

Zeb and Holly in Houston at Christmas.

He loves to chew on her velvety ears and just lick her face. Holly is not so keen on it but she's been a good sport, haha. He just will not leave her alone. Sometimes he'll sit and just stare at her, haha!

I'm excited about this weekend for several other reasons too - the Men's Walk to Emmaus that is going on in our community (the spiritual retreat that is so important to our community), getting to see my friend Kaitlin this weekend whose wedding I am in in April and her shiny new ring, and the bible study for the junior high girls on Sunday night. I love those girls already.

I was telling Kanyon, though, that I haven't started a bible study with a new group of girls in years and can't figure out where to start?! There's so much that I want to tell them that I can't decide! But that's a lot better than not having anything at all to start with.

A few other things I wanted to show you ..

My beautiful new watch from my brother for Christmas!
I finally went to get a couple links taken out so I could wear it, so it's
like a new present again!

The super cute set of sticky notes my friend Camille got me for my birthday!

And last but CERTAINLY not least.. the KEURIG my parents gots us for our anniversary!
(Really Kanyon has been wanting one for so long and Mom just needed an excuse to get one for us.)
Kanyon was super happy.

A Christmas gift, a birthday gift, and an anniversary gift. January is a great month for me :)


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