January 5, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was last Sunday!

Kanyon and my parents and I had decided that we should start celebrating my half-birthday in June instead of my real one on January 2nd since we now have our wedding anniversary in January as well. So Kanyon and I didn't make any plans or anything for that day.

Well.... by about noon I had decided that idea was stupid because I was wishing we were acknowledging my birthday somehow! Not for the gifts or anything but I like having a special night to go out to eat and have some cake!

So I told mom I didn't want to do it anymore and she said she didn't like it either haha! She put a little something in the mail that day and my parents called and wished me Happy Birthday!

Not to say that the calls and texts that I had gotten already didn't count for anything, of course, its just different hearing it from your husband and parents.

That night, I had a Staff Christmas party, though, which was a lot of fun so it didn't feel like we just did nothing on my birthday, after all! I got to hang out with this little cutie who loved sitting in a chair his own size!

We ate good food, great desserts, and I made butterbeer! Its a drink that they drink on Harry Potter (I made the non-alcoholic version). Its basically cream soda, sweetened condensed milk, and butterscotch, a.k.a. pure sugar. It was yuuuuummy. My boss, Chris, is a huge Harry Potter fan, too, so we've been looking forward to it for months.

Then, that night we headed over to Kalith and Vaughn's to spend a while with Kanyon's sister Sena and her husband Daniel and their two babies who were in town for a couple days. And guess what? Vaughn surprised me with a cake and presents!! I don't think she realized how much this meant to me since I had kind of been bummed that day about not doing anything. So we had chocolate cake and I got a beautiful shirt and jewelry and placemats for my kitchen from Vaughn and Kalith. And then I got to cuddle with three-week old Asher. Perfect way to end my birthday.

Daniel volunteered to decorate my cake! :)

Didn't he do a great job?! :)

So even though Kanyon and I didn't celebrate it as far as him and I, and my parents didn't really get a chance to prepare to send me anything, it was still a great birthday! Kanyon and I will celebrate it sometime soon, and Mom and I decided we will celebrate our's together in March when we are in Houston again for the Livestock Show.

And then Monday, the 3rd, my cousins surprised me with these!

 So beautiful!! Have a great week!


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