January 31, 2011

Mom went home :/

Well, Mom went home yesterday morning.. It was a great weekend. Somehow, I came away with several pictures of puppies that don't even include my own or my parent's yellow lab that she brought.. so apparently we hung out with a lot of dogs all weekend and didn't really realize it.

She got here on Thursday around lunch time so Vaughn (my mother in law) met us at Sonic on her way out of town for the weekend for lunch. She was going to Round Rock to help my sister in law, Sena, move into their new house. I feel like I haven't seen Kanyon's parents in forever.. yet they only live three miles away. And in the country, that's about two minutes. How does that happen?

There was a Men's Walk to Emmaus this weekend (that Kanyon's dad worked) so we didn't see him all weekend either!

But we DID cook a lot, relaxed (well.. Mom did while I was at work), talked a lot, drove a loooot (when you live in the country, everythings far away) to Lubbock and Stanton where the Walk was, and shopped... a little.

Friday for lunch, we went to see Kasha's new puppy, Cotton. They own a cotton gin so I was rooting for that name.

Mom loves Tac, too, so she loved our visit to Kasha's :)

He looks so big in that picture!! (Sorry, iPhone pictures)

Thursday and Friday night we spent at home except for a brief stint at the school's basketball game where we walked in with 7 minutes left on the clock. But Saturday, we went to Mom's favorite store in Brownfield, "Days Gone By" Antique Store. It really is an awesome store. There are so many things in there that I would love to have. A shabby chic designer could go crazy. My favorite part is all the dishes and cookware that are like new but priced so cheap. I got a new Corningware dish for $12. 

We went to Lubbock from there and had lunch with Kaitlin! We talked all about the wedding plans and had lunch at my favorite, Jason's Deli. Is it too much to ask for a good sandwich place in Lamesa that's NOT Subway?! 

We had a great Saturday night and then she had to get up on Sunday morning and help my brother shop for clothes in Abilene since he has a big boy job now. Update on him - he is taking a semester off but still in Abilene. He's going to work full time at a law firm until May, intern for Dry Bones again in Denver May to August, go backpacking through Europe with my dad in late August, and then leave for Patagonia, Chile for a year in October to go through a mountaineering/culture plunge/wilderness medical certification/(are you impressed yet) year-long course. Kid has a tough life, huh? Seriously, I feel bad for him. All that traveling and learning another language. Oh, and did I mention he'll earn 27 hours of college credit by the end of it? Sheesh. My parents are so cruel.

More talk on that later...

Sunday was a pretty busy but awesome day for me. Usually we take Sunday to lounge around and I don't think my body got the memo that no Sunday nap was happening because I was so sleepy all day. My head bobbed several times. Which it hasn't done since I was a college student in class..

After church, we left pretty quickly for Stanton to help clean up the Men's Walk to Emmaus that had just ended. The people that are working the next Walk help clean up for the current one and since I am working the next one (YAY!) Kanyon and I came and helped clean. After closing (which was awesome to hear the excited men's testimonies), I bolted out of there because I had to be back in Lamesa for the jr. high bible study.
It was SO good.
Kasha came and she plans on coming and helping lead and befriending these girls, too. We both were pretty excited with how it went after. Those girls were willing to talk about anything. Several tears were shed, hard questions were talked about it. It was great. I love doing this. Teenagers are so underestimated by adults sometimes. They are always shocking me with their wisdom and desire for talking about REAL stuff like God.

Well, the weather is about to turn drastically.. we have a high of 25 degrees with an 80% chance of snow tomorrow. WOOHOO!