March 25, 2011


Well, the siding company that we hired to replace the wooden soffet and trim on our house with siding came to start the job on Wednesday morning and they have been working hard!

Kanyon and I are already so happy with how its looking. It updates the house tremendously along with making it last longer.

The trim before:

Obviously no curb appeal. And not exactly permanent..

In progress pictures:

Also, they took down those old columns that didn't match the house and I already
love the effect that made!


See them on the left? I know.. not great picture.


It definitely helps. And again some of the progress made on the windows and some of the trim.

I also spent some time outside in the flowerbed when I got home from work. Kanyon was working a track meet at the school (two blocks away) and so Zeb and I got to work cleaning up our mess of a flowerbed out front. 

 Such a pretty boy.

Remember I said I was going to go and get garden soil? I did. And I used it. And I feel that much more confident in my future gardening..

What it looked like when I got home..


After pulling up the weeds, pulling out the dead plants and raking up all the dead leaves and mixing in gardening soil..

I can't wait to see what the house will look like when I get home on Sunday! I don't know if they'll finish today or if they'll work Saturday but another day of work will be done.

And just when you thought I was done telling you about the work on our house..

Kanyon has been working hard on his leather shop out back! His dad, his uncle, and him have been on the roof all week putting on a metal roof! It already makes a big difference.

He saved enough metal to build trim and a door on that hole in the wall on the left and make it another storage room. Next up.. working on the window and replacing the door. 

I am heading off to Austin tonight to have a girl's weekend for Kaitlin Lee and her bridesmaids! I wish I could fly but its still cheaper to drive. So I'll get there late tonight. But it should be a really fun weekend!


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