March 17, 2011

Family Weekend

Well, remember when I told you that I had lots of stories and pictures to show you from last weekend?
Turns out I only now have one picture.

What happened was... my iPhone was stolen last weekend at the Houston Rodeo. So I had to go get another one that weekend in Houston. I took lots of pictures on it in the next couple days while in Houston and in Round Rock of our families. When we got home, I plugged my phone in to sync my iPhone with all my saved contacts, etc. But when I did this, it erased all of the previous information, including pictures, and replaced them with all the pictures that were on my previous iPhone. So good news - I have all of my contacts and pictures back. Bad news- I lost all of the hilarious videos and cute pictures of our new nephew I took this weekend.

I had a video of Kyla and Jada racing each other on the Xbox game to show you. But thank goodness, several of us were there with iPhones to record it. See Daniel's version here. Please. You'll die laughing watching them hurdle invisible hurdles.

So anyway - we still had a really great time with both sides of our families!

Thursday after I got off work we drove to Houston (without stopping - yikes) and got there at about 2 am. Friday, I got to see my friend Rachel for a really quick visit and then my parents and Kanyon and I left to go to the Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston. We had a lot of fun shopping at the booths, seeing Welch friends, playing carnival games, drooling over the Ford models (cars.. not girls) and then headed over to the Rodeo. We saw Lady Antebellum perform that night and they did such a good job. They are one of the few bands I've seen that sound just as good live as they do on their CD. Yes, at some point during all that my iPhone disappeared but even with that, I still really enjoyed the concert. No wonder they won so many Grammys! (Grammies? Grammy's?...)

Saturday, I went to breakfast with Rachel for about 2 and a half hours. It was sooo nice to have her to myself and not have to rush. She left to go skiing this week. Because she still has a Spring Break. Must be nice.. I'm still bitter about my boss not giving me a month off for Christmas and a Spring Break. Come on, I'm not even asking for a summer break!

Rachel and I at Windy Gap (Young Life camp).

That afternoon, I had to go buy a new iPhone (bummer) and then did a little shopping with Mom. I needed to look for some shoes for a wedding and of course that always leads to more shopping! But that night, we came home and Mom and Dad made a very yummy dinner - steak, twice baked potatoes, veggies, olives, bread, crab cakes, wine... we were all aching by the time we finished. Kalum and Ashley came over that night. Kalum is the youth minister at my parent's church and him and Ashley have become like family. We made smores by the firepit and then got in the hot tub. Yes.. it was that great.

Sunday, we woke up and went to church at the church I grew up at. Kanyon's parents and brother were there for the weekend too and Kalith preached that day! Some of Kanyon's extended family goes to my parent's church in Houston so now I'm related to some of the people I grew up going to church with! We had lunch at Kanyon's aunt's house, a couple blocks away from my parents, and then came home to have Baskin Robbin's and open presents for Mom's birthday. That night we went to Pappasitos for dinner and said goodbye before heading off to Round Rock that night! And here's the one picture I have from last weekend because it was taken with my camera. Go figure its not that great..

Sunday night, we got to Jada's house late and the nieces and nephews let us sleep in until 9! Thats never happened before :) I was awoken by Leif (4 yrs old) standing over us. He didn't know I was awake yet so I just squinted my eyes and watched him for a few minutes trying so hard to wake us up by coughing or something he wouldn't get in trouble for since he was probably told not to wake us up! Ha. I finally relieved him by opening my eyes.

It was such a fun couple of days with the kids and family. We took the kids swimming that day. I love going swimming with kids because you can act like a kid again and enjoy swimming. When you're with adults, its not cool to do hand stand contests or throw each other around or even put your head under water.. but with kids, its all in the name of playing with them! Ha, I love it. Emry and Addalie and I had a blast playing in the fountains. That night, Nick and the boys made fried shrimp and catfish with all the fixings and we all stuffed ourselves. It was SO good. 

Tuesday morning, we took some family pictures for Kalith and Vaughn's Mother and Father's Day gifts. They turned out really good and Daniel is going to order them on a wrap-around canvas. Then after that, we headed to Hoppin' Hippo for a little family birthday party for Addalie (turning 2) and Ava (turning 4). After cake and ice cream at home, the boys went golfing and we headed home to Welch!

I had some super cute pictures of Sena and Daniel's baby boy, Asher. He is three months old and identical to his beautiful sister! But they were erased so I'm stealing one from Sena's blog..

Oh my goodness, he is so adorable.
Well, I think I've talked your ear (or eye?) off long enough. I am very excited about tonight because our friend Bryan Levrets is coming to visit!! He is bringing his girlfriend who we have not met yet and I'm so happy.

Bryan and Kanyon on our wedding day.


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  1. Saw them last night in Lubbock on the way back through and they're headed here after they leave you, you're going to love her! :)