March 2, 2011

Very Thorough Weekend Post

Last Friday night, I called Kanyon to see what he was doing when I got off work. He was still in the field. "I'll probably be here till dark so I can work as much as possible." Friday night? Me alone at the house probably watching CSI? No thanks.

So I decided I would head out there with my sorely unused DSLR camera and practice some picture taking and help him out if I could.

Reason enough right there to get a puppy - you'll always feel like you're the most exciting person in the world when they're running to greet you!

Kanyon was feeling a little behind on this particular field. He'd wanted to have the stalks cut, the water running, and wheat or oats sewn by now. But alas, life happens.

So first things first. He was working on hanging pipe on his irrigation system.

See the pipe running along the top of the system? Usually water runs through that pipe and runs down into the small hoses hanging down with the doo-hickies on the bottom. Sorry, the only name I can think of is "spiggots" but I know that's not what they're called.. The doo-hickies spray the water onto the field.

Well hanging pipe is a way to pro-long the life of your irrigation system. The pipe at the top can become cracked and eroded over time, causing leaks and sometimes breaking (which is what happened to another one of our irrigation systems - thats really not good.. and pricey to fix). So by hanging a PVC pipe below (see above) and detouring the water to run into that pipe instead and hanging the hoses and doo-hickies from it, you avoid the erosion and you have a new pipe. The former pipe serves as a frame for the new one.

I asked Kanyon if this is considered a cheap redneck alternative to actually buying a new system, but he said no and everyone does it. I know you were thinking it too!

So the next step after he hung the PVC was drilling holes into it so you can connect the new hoses to the holes, allowing the water to run through the hoses to the doo-hickies. Sorry, maybe the name will come to me before the end of this post..

I tried helping him at this point after the drilling and putting these rubber things in to attach to the hoses but came to realize just why my hands are soft and clean all the time and his are rough and dirty and scarred. Because he works them hard. My hands weren't strong enough to even squeeze the rubber things into the holes! He did it in five seconds and I gave up after struggling with one for at least a minute. So I just carried the box they were in so he didn't have to lean over and pick them up off the ground. He assured me I was helping a lot. He likes to give me a sense of purpose..

By the way, the roughness of his hands doesn't turn me off a bit. They are one of my favorite of his physical qualities.

Of course, every job needs a supervisor:

Can you see him mane growing in?!? He's lookin fierce.

Along with supervising, Zeb hunted who-knows-what. We would see him just walking or running and all of a sudden stop and listen at attention..

And then take off and disappear for a few minutes. We'd occasionally see him as he bounded over a row of cotton stalks. Then Kanyon would whistle and he'd come running back.

"Almost got it this time."

After the sun went down, we headed to Brownfield for dinner. It was a great night, honestly. One of my favorite dates since we've been married!

Saturday was an awesome day! 
 First I went to Britnee Mahan's wedding shower here in Welch. She and Kanyon grew up together and was one of his closest friends and I've come to love her and her family. She's getting married in April. I love showers here.. a lot of the women in Welch come out for it if they're not hosting it anyway and the food is always so good.

Then, Kasha and I had a great shopping day in Lubbock! She got some great clothes and I got a few things for the house I've been wanting. One of which is a couple of outdoor pillows because I am going to spray paint and spruce up some chairs in our backyard. It was so much fun getting to just hang out with Kasha with no agenda but to look around.

Then to top it all off, these three met me in Lubbock for a double date!

If you don't know, this is Kanyon's little brother Landon and his girlfriend Bailey.
We went to Abuelo's for dinner that night and ended up being there for a couple hours because of the combination of the long wait and then veeeerry slow service because we sat in a booth in the bar section. Apparently, people who aren't drinking alcohol are at the bottom of the priority list at the bar.. Who knew? But it was great getting to have that much time to catch up with them. Bailey is in her senior year in high school and is super busy and Landon is in his freshman year at TTU, so we don't get to spend as much time with them as we'd like. We went and saw "I Am Number Four" after, and I loved it. I wasn't really sure what to expect but we all enjoyed it. 

Sunday, I was supposed to go head out to Lubbock for Kaitlin Lee's wedding shower. I am one of her bridesmaids and really wanted to be there! But unfortunately the weather called for 70 mph wind that made my car repeated try to throw itself off the road and the sky looked like this...

I couldn't see past about 20 ft in front of me so after taking 25 minutes to go 8 miles.. I decided to give up because I didn't want to try and fight that weather for another 45 minutes. I was sad to miss it! But she has another one this weekend so I will go then.

I rounded off the great weekend with a great time at bible study with the jr high girls. Pretty impressively long post just for one weekend, huh?!


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  1. The book club sadly has not happened yet. :( I have been going out of town left & right these days so I haven't really sat down to figure it out. I still want to though! I'm heading to Portland soon & I think when I get back from that trip, I'll be able to plan something out. Whew!