March 24, 2011

Baby Steps

I've got gardening on my mind this week, I guess, and so does everyone around me!

Here are the pages in the Country Living magazine I was talking about.

 I love the look of this plant! I think something like this would be really pretty along the side 
of the house that runs along the driveway.

 I've developed another problem with gardening magazines.. before I had no idea what I liked.
Now I want all of it!
That Cherry Laurel and the Flower Carpet Rose are really pretty.

This page is gorgeous. Maybe I could convince Kanyon to let me grow some growing 
flowers like these on his leather shop in the back yard?!

My friend Kelly came to Lamesa for work from Abilene today and I got to have lunch with her! It was so great to sit down with her. We've been friends since I transferred to ACU in 2007 and ended up doing Young Life together in college. She is a very talented girl and has a great blog with design ideas and tutorials. She is an interior designer with a company in Abilene and I was telling her today I was very impressed with one of their recent projects - the FBC in Sweetwater. Go check it out.

Anyway, we were talking about my inability to move forward with my back yard because I didn't know where to start and she let me have a gardening magazine she had in her car. It's a kind of guide/ordering service full of plants and flowers and everything about them. It's really helpful! I've already earmarked a lot of pages.

Kasha, who has several more years of homemaking under her belt than me (haha), is in her own landscaping predicament this year because she loves to do it .. but can't. They are building a new house this year (yay!) so any plants she buys and plants will just be ripped out by the end of this year when they move their current house after selling it. So.. I told her that she can let all of her landscaping desires out on my house instead! So I'm hoping that we will be making some trips to pick out flowers soon.

I did decide last night, though, that I am going to take my first baby step today. I'm going to go buy some gardening soil and start planning where I want to plant things. I guess that's an important step...



  1. love the pics! i have been wanting to get outside and do something in the yard as well. YAY for warm weather!

  2. YAY!! So glad you liked the catalog!! It really is inspiring when you see all the pretty flowers they have to offer. There website is great too! LOVED lunch with you and hope it gets to happen again real soon!