March 18, 2011

My Spring Break...

Today, I get to leave work at noon for our "Spring Break"... Woohoo! Early afternoon is my favorite time of day and I am usually stuck inside at work. I think I'm going to head over to the garden nursery here in Lamesa and think about what I want to do with the yard..

I have a couple things I wanted to show you that we did for the house last week. One was a failure, one a success!

Failure: Spray-painting chairs in the backyard..

I did them on a Friday after I got home from work at about 6:00. That was a mistake. I was tired and impatient and just wanted to get them done.. So I didn't thoroughly sand them down enough, spray-painted them too quickly, and then ran out of spray paint. So I thought maybe it would look cool and eclectic with purple arm rails? Wrong.

The next day Kanyon showed me how thoroughly it needed to be sanded and the new blue paint is ruined. Here's to hoping I get the inspiration to finish this project..

Success: Finally finding stools that we needed for our kitchen bar!

Finding a combination of the color we wanted, the size we wanted, and the price we wanted was near impossible. This set was literally the ONLY group that met all of the desired characteristics after searching for seriously over an hour. We had to find a rare size of stool (18 inch) because our bar is low. Kanyon's parent's bought us some beautiful stools just like these but with leather cushions on top for Christmas but their top hit right underneath the bar so they were too tall.
I finally found these and ordered them and I was so relieved to finally have some. We have had this great bar for over a year but no chairs to sit at it with. Now we can!!

Last night, Kanyon's and I's really good friend Bryan and his girlfriend Rachel came and hung out and stayed with us! It was SO great seeing Bryan and finally meeting his girlfriend. We had spaghetti and peanut butter pie (so yummy) and played some Kinect games like Javelin and Discus and Dance Central. It was such a fun night and again - so great to finally see them. Bryan moved to Ft Worth to take a job on Young Life staff there and we haven't been able to make it out there to see him. I didn't get any pictures of the night but I'm pretty sure Bryan got some embarrassing videos of Rachel dancing for the Kinect, ha!

Have a great weekend!! I am going to catch up on some sleep and hopefully do some cleaning and some relaxing.. :)



  1. Those bar stools look great! Beautiful color.

  2. I love the stools! Where did you find them?

  3. Ebay! The seller's name is "obertfurniture".