March 9, 2011

Lots to say quickly!

Well my job here at the church has left my head spinning the last couple of days and haven't had a chance to blog even on my lunch break! So here I am at 5:15 after the workday still in my office because I'm wanting to blog before I leave for a short vacation.

.... A vacation that will not come soon enough!

First of all, I want to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!

This is us on our 1st annual mom-and-daughter trip last September. 
I can't wait for September to come around again for our next one!

Mom, I love you so very much and I'm so dang excited to see you and Dad and Cole at 3:00 am tomorrow night.. er.. Friday morning! This weekend is going to be so needed.

My mom is in Abilene right now for an unexpected reason. She called me on Tuesday morning and said Cole, my brother, had been in the ER all night. My stomach dropped. He was okay though, nothing permanently hurt.

 My brother and I on vacation last year.

He was riding his mountain bike on a sidewalk late Mon night and caught a pipe that he didn't see and it sent him flying with his face to break the fall... He broke his jaw and gashed the left side of his face from chin to eye. But it could have been so much worse, so praise God! The gash didn't reach his eye and do damage to it and his jaw won't need to be wired shut to heal, which is common. He came away very lucky blessed.

I have several pictures of his bloody and swollen face but I figured not everyone would enjoy them.. lol.

Second, I wanted to snap a few random pictures of my kitchen because I haven't really shown it completed..

The difference between my DSLR camera showing our chandelier and my point-and-shoot
is drastic! Wish I had taken my earlier pictures of our chandelier with this camera. I LOVE the
effect our chandelier makes on the color of the room.

 Finally decided what I wanted on the buffet and how I wanted it! (Ignore the Christmas quote.. I'm
still looking for chalkboard cleaner... okay maybe I just keep forgetting to get it..)

Also changed up this a bit since I moved the cookbooks to the buffet.

I love these wine bottle labels..

We got the table centerpiece in Fredericksburg last June and I'm just now deciding where to put it..
Working full time has put me in a slow decorating mode!

Well as I said earlier, Kanyon and I are leaving for Houston tomorrow after I get off work! We'll leave at 5:00 pm and get there at like ... 2:30 am. Yikes. Kanyon's decision, not mine.. but if I'm honest, it would have been really hard to stop halfway in Round Rock, which was the original plan, and not want to stay and hang out with Kanyon's sisters for more than a few minutes when we weren't sleeping.

So we will get to Houston late during the night and wake up Friday morning and spend the day at the Houston Live Stock Show. As some of yall know, Kanyon grew up showing animals here and I grew up going every year to see the cute animals.. So we haven't broken the tradition since we graduated high school. Except now I know lots of kids to support when they are showing their animals. So we'll spend the day there watching and shopping and eating the best food before heading over to the rodeo and watching that. Lady Antebellum is performing that night!

The rest of the weekend, I have plans to see Rachel Hunt (one of my bridesmaids), who I miss terribly and never get to see! Mom and I both thought just hanging around the house, making dinner, sitting in the hot tub.. sounded great. And then we'll go to Cheesecake Factory on Sunday (my favorite!).

Either Sunday night or very early Monday morning, we will leave for Round Rock! Kanyon's sisters (except for Kyla who will meet us there) invited us all to come down and have a family get-together! We'll celebrate a couple of the baby girl's birthdays and just spend time with each other. I love Kanyon's family to no end and am so excited to see them!

I hope yall have a great rest of the week!



  1. So our style is almost the exact same!! I love your World Market buffet--we bought the same one!! Only we use it as a TV stand in our living room (we took the wine rack out of it on the bottom). If it's not the one from World Market, it looks EXACTLY like it!! Crazy! I miss you dearie. Phone date VERY SOON!!

  2. It looks good! I saw a pic of Cole that night on FB and I was like... whaaaa? I just saw him! He's crazy, but so glad he's ok! The kitchen looks good! Y'all have SO MUCH FUN at the rodeo for me! I miss it terribly (it might be one of the few positive things about that city for me), and I'm super jealous you're getting to see LadyA! I want to see them so bad! Love you girl, have a safe trip!

  3. OHHH! The Houston Live stock show!! I hope y'all have the best time. Praying for Cole's quick recovery. NO FUN, I heard soft food for awhile. Thanks for posting pictures of you home, it is soo cool! I've been dying to see it!

    Things are melting here this week finally. Wearing my rain-boots everyday, very sloshy.
    The kids are great, I really need to post some pics in facebook soon. We've been really busy! So nice to "chat with ya" Love always!