March 23, 2011


So almost all of the computers at work have stopped reading memory cards (the memory cards I use in my camera.. along with my computer at home that has been trying to commit suicide for months now but I keep reviving it. Well not for long.. soon we will be buying a new laptop and I will euthanize it myself if it wants me to.. But anyway, needless to say - if I can't upload my pictures to my computer(s), I can't upload them to my blog. Tad bit annoying for me and for you.

Well I do have one more option - my iPhone. Thank goodness for it!

Zeb got a bath the other night and was so cold, he resigned himself to snuggle on Kanyon.. I say resigned because he usually does not like snuggling. I guess its a boy thing. But he was shameless that night and Kanyon and I thought it was hilarious.

I do have a much better quality version of this pic on my real camera but.. see above paragraph.

I've been staring at this SD card trying to figure out SOME way to get the pictures from it to my computer. But telepathy does not work and I'll have to wait till the card reader I just ordered comes in the mail next week.

Last weekend was spent lounging around after a brutal weekend last. I say brutal only in the sense that we got no sleep. But we let ourselves sleep in until 9:15 on Saturday, which was kind of a disappointment. I used to be able to sleep until 11:00 in college on Saturdays and thought it was so weird when people said their bodies wouldn't let them sleep in past 9:00 or something. I guess ... I ... am ... an adult.

Kanyon and I did some stuff around the house and then we headed different directions. Him to playing golf with his brother and some friends and me to Lubbock to do some shopping for some shorts. I've been on the hunt for some denim shorts since last summer that we more mid-length and not super tight.. but not baggy and mom-ish. Hard combination to find. But I had success this weekend! I was very happy. Unfortunately, though, I forgot to run a couple of more important errands and am now trying to figure out how I can justify another trip to Lubbock on a weeknight since I'll be out of town this weekend.. Gas prices don't allow much room for justification these days!

I didn't get any work done on the backyard like I said I would... sigh. To be completely honest, I don't even know where to start and every time I try to start, I second guess myself and stop. Its a vicious cycle, I tell you. And I'm left with a blank backyard still.

BUT I have found some inspiration this week from my Country Living magazine. I'll scan some of the pages I earmarked tomorrow to show you what I'm wanting to do. This is from their website:

I love the several different colors present in this group. About the only thing that has completely survived from our attempt at installing flowers last year is the monkey grass, our shrubs in the front, and only some of the Dusty Miller. It's looking pretty scarce.

ALSO sometime this week or the beginning of next, a company that installs siding is coming to replace all of our ugly mauve wood trim with cream colored siding! I'm so excited to see the dramatic change it will make. So hopefully some big changes will be coming soon!


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