May 4, 2011

Family Picture


Not much going on this week. And boy, am I okay with that.
More than likely, my husband is probably okay with that since the house needs a thorough cleaning.

We ended our bible study on Monday night this week. I am so glad we did this study this season. It was so good. Thank you, Vaughn (my mother-in-love), for putting this all together. If you're interested, we did "Beloved Disciple" by Beth Moore. A lot of her studies have a shortened or journal based study for individuals. Not sure about this one, though.

Last night, the first thing I did was take the Shellac off my nails. It seems like everyone is blogging about this lately. I highly recommend it. Its a new type of nail polish that hardens like acrylic on your real nail and is supposed to last two weeks. My french tips I got for Kaitlin's wedding definitely did. To take it off, I soaked them for a few minutes in acetone and it comes off like wax. So easy and didn't damage my nails one bit, which is the reason to switch over from acrylic that does damage your nails. One thing I love about getting mine done in a small town? Only $25. Shellac costs from $40 up in Lubbock. Sweet. (Lamesa people - I got mine done at Davette's - she is the only one that I know of that has it here.)

After that, I made dinner (I can't even remember the last time I had time to cook), watched an episode of Heroes with Kanyon, and cleaned up the kitchen. Didn't get a chance to do the other 10 things on my list but hopefully this weekend. I'm hoping to maybe get started on the guest bedroom on Saturday?

One more thing - I updated the picture of Kanyon's family on our "More About Us" page. I'm going to post it here too, though.

Vaughn chose a different one for her gallery wrap she put up in her entry way. Both of them are great but I thought I'd choose this one for variety's sake.


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