May 19, 2011

College Station Bound!

Well, I am leaving in 30 minutes for College Station! I am so excited! This one is graduating from Nursing School!

But not only will I get to see Camille this weekend, its turned into a family affair!

In high school (and they still are ;), my two best friends were Camille and Claire. After the three of us graduated and Camille and I left for Texas A&M in College Station and Claire left for Baylor in Waco, Claire's parents bought a gorgeous farm in Hearne, TX between College Station and Waco. It was so great for the three of us to get to meet in the middle and my mom came to meet me several times during my year at A&M (I transferred after freshman year). Claire's mom and my mom are really close as well, having shared the joy and frustration of being on Young Life Committee together for years besides having daughters as friends.

 Camille, Claire, and I a few years ago.

SO moral of the story is – my family, Camille's family, and Claire's family are all getting together to stay at the farm this weekend to celebrate Camille's graduation and recent engagement! (They've probably all celebrated her engagement already but I haven't gotten to yet, dadgummit.) (…….I just said dadgummit. Wow.)
Unfortunately, Kanyon cannot come. To make a long story short, this is planting season. Excuse me, plantin' season. He has been plantin' his cotton the last couple of weeks and all the farmers around here have had to watch the watering of their land extremely close. Even more close than usual due to the drought. There's so many reasons why he couldn't leave for even a day. For one, he'd have to have someone else tend to his land. Even though that someone else would be his father or uncle, Kanyon explained to me that it would be wrong to do that. For one thing, that is a lot of work to dump on someone. For another, if something, anything, were to happen that would require a decision being made (running the water slower, faster, etc), someone else would have the pressure on them to make a decision that could possibly affect us for this whole season. The fact is the cotton is not established in the ground yet. It needs lots of attention and support to get growing especially this year.

This is just a part of being a farmer. I accept it and honestly – its not a bad trade. There are several parts of the year that Kanyon has the ability to leave on a whim (after asking someone to occasionally check his fields of course) for a few days. Its not bad being your own boss. I don't mind having two parts of the year (plantin' in late spring and harvest in the fall) where there is no question that he can't leave if that means the rest of the time is much more flexible than if he had a 9-5 job. (Anyone who knows Kanyon – try picturing Kanyon at a 9-5 job. Ha!)

Anyway, I'm on the road tonight. I'll get there around midnight (boo) but it means I'll get to be there all day tomorrow during the graduation festivities (yay). Thankfully there's a Starbucks in Temple an hour from my destination so if I'm in need, I'll be able to get sustenance..

Hope you have a great weekend, too!

P.S. I got Shellac on my nails again and I have to say, I'm pretty sold. I never have been one to get my nails done since I'd pay $25 and then it'd chip within the first hour. But in Lamesa, I can get Shellac for $25 and it not chip for two weeks! At least it didn't last time I got it. I got pale pink.

P.P.S. I'm almost finished with the new "Our Home" page!

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