May 24, 2011

World War II Vets

I plan on editting all the pictures from last weekend tonight and posting about it but I wanted to share this with you this morning.

My aunt sent me this video over e-mail and it made me cry. In the office. Nice.

Please take two minutes to watch it: Show Your Thanks

Both of my grandfathers fought in WWII and I can only imagine how they would respond to this.

I feel as if my grandparents and I grew up in two different worlds. The Depression, wars, living without most things... these are things I never had to worry about. At all. But it was apart of their everyday world.

My mother's mother grew up on a dairy farm as one of nine kids. I feel as if I have a small connection with her now that I live in the country on a farm and that thrills me. She is the only grandparent I have left. She is 93 (she's a trooper) and has dementia and is living in Oklahoma City where my mom's sister and daughters can (and do) visit her all the time.

Grandma (LoRee) in the middle with her two remaining sisters.
Sometimes I grieve for the relationship I've never had with my grandparents. All were around when I was born but all but one passed before I ever was old enough to value their presence. My mother tells me all the time how Grandma used to be and how they were best friends. I can't imagine how it must feel to have Grandma here on earth but know her soul and spirit is but a shadow of what it once was.

Thank the Lord that I will one day have all the time in the world heavens to get to know Charles and LoRee and Paul and Sue. I can't wait for that day! To ask my grandmothers to teach me to sew (maybe I'll have a desire in heaven where there's no frustation?), to ask LoRee what it was like working on a dairy farm, how Paul and Sue met and what it was like to date in their time, to hear Charles' laugh that my father can imitate so well. I know they will have so many stories and I can't wait to hear every single one of them. Something I'm really hoping for in heaven is a movie theatre where we can watch home videos... are you listening, God? ; )

I am so thankful for Kanyon's family for multiple reasons but one is that I was adopted so enthusiastically as Otha and Veneda's and Truman and Mauriene's granddaughter. I very much feel as apart of their family as any other grandchild. I am excited that my kids will get to grow up (God willing) with one set of grandparents down the road and the other set coming probably every two weeks to visit from Houston or wherever in the world they will live... I'm really not joking, Mom. : )  Along with both sets of their great grandparents on Kanyon's side down the road. I know that will be a blessing that they don't even realize they have.

Can't wait for that movie to come out in November about the WWII vets. Thank you, God, for men back then and today who risk their lives for us to live in freedom.


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