May 13, 2011

Pinterest and some good news!

I tried to post yesterday but Blogger is having some sort of meltdown. I'm actually having to write this whole post over again.. good thing its not a long one.


Does anyone else save pictures and images they find online that inspire them to decorate a certain way or collect images of things they'd like to make, etc? I have a folder on my computer of images like that that I refer to all the time to redo some part of my house.

So, I was going to show something to yall if you didn't already know about it - have yall heard of Pinterest?

I found out about it about a month ago and started using it then. I love it! Its a virtual "bulletin board" where you can "pin" pictures you find on the internet!

One of my pins.

I wanted to share a direct link to my page so you can see my boards and see what I'm talking about. I have a board for interior and exterior home design and then leather projects inspiration for Kanyon and I to begin trying!

A pin of a farm house that I love.

Here's my page: Erika Brown's Pinterest

In other news, I have been really excited lately about some fun stuff happening to me and around me!

First of all, Mom and I have been planning a trip for our family to go out to Denver and meet my brother while he works at Dry Bones this summer. Dry Bones is a ministry in Denver that ministers to homeless "kids" (up to age 30 or so, I believe). They also give youth groups the opportunity to come work with them. First, the mountain intern guides the group on a wilderness trek for four days where they will live in complete wilderness and get to peak a mountain. The second half of the week, they spend time in downtown Denver with the City Interns who minister to the homeless. Cole is the mountain intern again this year and gets July 4th week off so Mom, Dad, me, and Kanyon are flying up to stay in Denver a few days and backpack with Cole! I'm pumped! I haven't backpacked in a few years. I've camped but not peaked a mountain in a while. I cannot wait!

Also, my best friend from high school, Camille got ENGAGED a couple weeks ago and I am going to College Station next weekend to see her for a few days and attend her graduation from nursing school party!

I'm so excited for her right now! She's finally graduating (she's a smarty pants and worked really hard) and now she gets to marry an amazing guy! And I'm happy for myself that I get to spend 4 days with her next week! Ok, thats probably enough gushing for now.

BUT it doesn't end there. I also found out a couple weeks ago (and now that its public, I can announce it) that Kasha and Al are pregnant again!! WOOHOO!

The soon-to-be big brother, Taegan. They make super cute kids obviously, so I'm excited!

I hope y'all all have a great weekend, mine will be spent running errands in Lubbock tonight (and hopefully getting my hard working husband to leave the field and meet me for dinner), attending a Walk to Emmaus meeting all day tomorrow (the only kind of all day meeting I love to attend on a Saturday!), and church and small group with my junior high girls on Sunday! Hopefully a low-key weekend before I leave town next Thursday for College Station.

And hopefully no more of this will happen while I'm gone:

He looks pretty sorry, doesn't he?  : )

Thankfully the flowers that were in the pot, and I assume are now in his belly, were on sale for $2 at Walmart. I was more impressed that he got that shepherd's hook down... I really rammed it in the ground to avoid this!


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  1. When you announced your friends pregnancy I so thought you would be announcing your own!! :) Oh I miss you Mrs.Brown!!