May 9, 2011

iPhone pictures for Kaitlin

The weekend of Kaitlin's bachelorette party in Austin, we went to the Capitol. I know, wild and crazy right? We loved it.

I took a bunch of pictures on my iPhone for Kaitlin because she accidentally left her camera at the hotel and I thought some of them turned out really cool. Especially for iPhone pics!

Since I'm just now getting around to emailing them to Kaitlin, I thought I'd share a few.

Thursday, I ran to Midland to see Kaitlin and Nathan and their new apartment! Well, new to Kaitlin. Nathan has lived there for a few months. Its a small space but they have made it look cute. Nathan is hispanic and since it was Cinco de Mayo, I told him I was expecting a good time with my favorite Mexican couple ;)  They made me tacos for dinner, which were so good, and Nathan gave me the history of the holiday. He didn't disappoint. (Friends of Kaitlin, check out her new blog!)

Kaitlin and I did a little shopping after for a few things we needed and we stopped by Starbucks and taste-tested their new cake pops for everyone. We are pleased to announce that they are yummy.

We had a great weekend... Very low-key. Friday, we stayed at home and made "fried" catfish and french fries (I actually baked both for health and mess reasons... much to Kanyon's dismay) from the catfish Kanyon's uncle gave us that they caught. It was so yummy. We also watched The Beach. It was a terrible choice. Depressing and weird. I got my movie-picking rights taken away indefinitely.

Saturday, I did some errand running in Brownfield but mostly cooked and prepared a little for the Mother's Day lunch I was making the next day and cleaned the house. It was very needed. That night, Kanyon and I went to the new Italian restaurant in Brownfield which was really good!!! I am excited to have a new option close (relatively) by. 

We stopped by the Dawson HS (Welch's school) prom on the way home to see the decorations they had been working hard on. The decorations were seriously amazing. Shelly and Dana found some chandeliers made out of shiny silver streamers and hung them all over the gym ceiling with a larger one in the middle. That might sound cheap but they did not look cheap! It was gorgeous.

For Mother's Day, I wanted to have Kanyon's parents and brother over and we also invited Meme and Grandad and Uncle Dan and Aunt Rhnea. It was so much fun!
I got out all my china and crystal and had a bouquet of flowers out. I made my granny's Chicken Enchiladas (more like a casserole) and made salsa and sopapilla cheesecake and coffee for dessert. Rhnea brought beans and Vaughn brought guacamole. The food was a hit. It was so much fun hosting so many people and using the fancy stuff :)  I wish I had taken pictures but we were busy eating and chatting.

I have the best mother and mother-in-love I could ever imagine. I hope I conveyed to each of you just how much I value and appreciate your love, support, advice, and especially friendship. I love you!



  1. You do! and I can't imagine a better daughter and son in law. I thought I hit the jackpot when I got Granny for a mother in law and i always hoped my kids would do the same and I'm happy to report, you did! So happy you married not only Kanyon, but his family:) love you too!

  2. Yay! Thanks for advertising my blog!!!! :) I still need help with mine!

  3. Oh, you are so sweet! I hope I make you feel as loved as you do me! I am the blessed one.