May 16, 2011

Pray for Rain

Our weekend was a thankfully a low-key one after a busy week behind us and a busy weekend ahead of us. Kanyon is in the plantin' stage of the year (when I say plantin-g with a "g", he always corrects me... "its plantin', Erika").

You may have heard about our extremely dry weather here in West Texas and the fire hazards its caused. Its not a good year to be a volunteer fireman... But one good thing that's come of it is that Kanyon and the rest of the volunteer firemen received all new equipment! The Welch VFD's equipment was seriously lacking... They had to share several things and most of it was worn out. But with all of the fires happening, our county came out for a fire our boys were at and noticed how in need we were. So all the boys get new safer suits and complete sets of equipment.

Its been a tough time to be a farmer so far this year. We haven't had a good rain since November. And even people who don't know a thing about farming know... no rain is not good.

Thankfully, we know that God is in control and that He will provide for us. And not to mention, He gave us a really successful year last year which we are still benefiting from. Its just the uncertainty of it all that is scary. Will we get rain this week? this month? Kanyon farms both irrigated and dry land cotton. The dry land, not being artificially watered through an irrigation system, has to be watered naturally with rain.

Even the irrigated, though, suffers. The water from the wells that the circle systems use (the irrigation systems) is not near as pure as rain water. The crops do not thrive on well water as much as they do on pure rain water.

All that to say, please pray for rain for our extremely dry land! Big Jake knows God will provide, though, and isn't worried a bit...



  1. I'm praying...even if Big Jake isn't worried:)

  2. Definitely praying for rain for you guys! Love all of your pictures, your home and land look so beautiful!