May 29, 2011

Busy, busy, with no pictures to show for it.

Actually, I take that back... I have a LOT of pictures to show for it. But since I am writing this on my college (dying) computer that does not recognize memory cards (or iPhones...), I cannot upload them yet.

But I will try to get them up on Tuesday when I get back to work. I'm behind on several posts for this reason... like the College Station trip. (It'll happen soon, Claire!) And then hopefully this week, I will get a chance to go to Lubbock and buy our new Macbook!! I had to make myself stay home this weekend and get stuff done around the house that we've been wanting done.

Stuff like...
  • Take pictures of Kanyon's crop and new seeds sprouting (yay!).
  • Deep clean the house... it needed it.
  • Install roman shades in all three bedrooms.
  • Install new curtain rods and curtains in guest bedroom and office.
  • Take down all wall decor and rearrange furniture in guest bedroom.
  • Finish "Our Home" page by taking missing pictures.
  • Install new faucet and towel hanger in guest bathroom.
  • Buy and wrap a million graduation gifts.
  • Install new printer in office and comb through house to collect all the random printers we have to sell or give away.
  • Do about 10 loads of laundry... oops, let that pile up again.
  • Paint hallway trim.
  • Paint front door.

We've got ALL done except cleaning the bathrooms and the last two painting jobs, which we are going to knock out tomorrow.

And I found FIVE (yes, five) spare printers in our office closet. Five. Spare. As in - not including the one we use. How did that happen?

Oh, and we also went to graduation Friday night. Congratulations to all the graduates!

See ya on the other side of the paint fumes.


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