June 24, 2011

Another Guest Room Update

Well I finally opened the boxes my quilts from Overstock came in last weekend and have been playing around with them this week. I eventually came up with a way to have both of them on the bed for now while Vaughn is sewing up the shams and the valance. I went over there today to see how they're coming along and they are so pretty! I can't wait to put them on the bed. For now though, I'm pretty happy with how its coming along.

In this post, I showed you the stock photos of the quilts I had ordered for the guest room. I bought two because I couldn't decide between two of the ones I had found on Overstock but since they were both great prices, I just ordered both and knew that since they were both so pretty and versatile that I could keep both and use the one I don't use later on somewhere.

Here are the two stock photos from Overstock:

The white one because Vaughn and I both thought it would look really good with the wall color and the fabric my Mom gave me that we were using for the shams and the valance and the throw.

And then the printed one because it is completely against my decorating nature to buy anything without a bold color... (Even though I love the new white trend!)

I took them both out and put them on the bed each to see how they looked. The white quilt didn't have shams included (they were separate) so I didn't buy them since we were making them. But the white and brown one did. So until we finish the shams and the valance, I just combined them so I could see both of them!

But first, here's what the room looked like about a month ago:

And here is what it looks like at this very moment:

I love the quilts!! I can't wait to see which one looks the best with the new shams. I'm really pacing myself with this room since its not crucial to have it done immediately so I'm enjoying the process. After we get the shams and valance up, I'll decide on which quilt and what color to buy a bed skirt of, and some throw pillows. I have something in mind already for the wall above the bed. Just not sure what I'm going to do to cover the closet. I have curtains up there now to cover the doorway. Maybe just see if they have the same matching panels still at BB&B that match the sheer curtains I have on the window?

We've got a fun weekend planned. Nothing going on tonight except I'm going to actually cook dinner for the first time in a week! Tomorrow, we have a birthday party, a baby shower (just me), and then we are having dinner with some friends in Lubbock that we have not gotten to do that with in a long time! We see them all the time but it's different sitting down and talking for a couple hours, ya know?

And tomorrow is Kalith's (Kanyon's dad) 53rd birthday! Happy birthday, Kalith! We hope you have fun in Lubbock tonight with Vaughn! We love you!



  1. It looks beautiful! I love the white quilt and I bet it is going to the look the best with that fabric. I did tell you I saw that fabric at Hancocks still, right? in case you need more.

  2. Yes, you did. I have seen it as Hobby Lobby, too.