August 31, 2010

Happy birthday, Heather!

Friday was one of my best friend, Heather's, 22nd birthday!

Heather and I did Young Life together. When she was assigned to Wylie HS, I was team leader at the time, and felt like God was leading me to her. I knew that I needed one of the new girl leaders to come help me be a leader to my group of girls because I was graduating early and wanted to leave them with a great leader. Well, God delivered big time. Not only did Heather click so well with my girls, she clicked with several girls that I hadn't ever been able to get to hang out with me (ha)! We became a team right off the bat and she was leading so many girls to God so well. A lot of our girls graduated last May and started college last week and a lot of leaders take that chance to back away from Young Life but Heather is still in it full force, making friends with girls left and right. I am very proud of her.

But even outside of Young Life, Heather is such a great friend. I can literally tell her anything about me or what I'm thinking and she will understand. And she is hysterical. I laugh pretty much constantly when I'm with her if we're not having a serious conversation. She spent a lot of this summer in Africa so we didn't see her for a while (we being Kanyon and I) but a couple weeks ago, she came to see us!! We ate dinner and did nothing but talk and hang out. I loved it. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you happy birthday, Heather, and tell you that you are loved!

On Saturday, I drove to Midland (where she's from) because she and a bunch of my college friends came to stay with her family for her birthday. A couple of those friends, Daley and Sarah, I had not seen all summer because they were in Kenya and Colorado! It was so awesome. I finally got to meet Heather's family and I plan on being back because her mom makes great breakfast casserole. And I was greeted by a huge mustang mascot when I walked in the door. Kinda shocking. Oh, AND I got to go to a health food store and buy terra chips! They don't sell those within 60 miles of Welch!


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