June 15, 2010

203 gum street.. great street name, huh

welcome to our house! we love it. we do have a lot we still want to do, but who doesnt?

this is the street view.
status: definitely not done.

there was not much shrubbery or plants anywhere. we planted some shrubs in the front that will eventually cover that orange paint on the bottom front. and we are planning on lots more shrubbery and flowers.

this porch will go someday. we would like it to face the street more so kanyon plans on tearing up this cinder block one and building a larger one angled more towards the street. maybe even covered?

also - we plan on painting the trim a cream instead of the mauve or orangey pink it is now. that will make a huge difference. kanyon has planted that walkway with monkey grass recently. thats as far as we've gotten.

one of our favorite parts of the house - the backyard!
status: very unfinished.

kanyon planted some grass some weeks ago and we're just waiting for it to keep growin. that little house in the back is a back apartment that we are going to clean out and make kanyon's leather shop.
that open part on the left of it is a little storage area that we'll make into a dog house.

a view of the other side with the car port and the storage shed. see that grass comin up FINALLY?

and this is what the back of the house looks like with the teeny little cement porch where the yellow chairs are.. we plan on building a wood deck someday. we have a grill, a fire pit, a swing, and some chairs that we want to put on it. we like sitting outside but that little porch can get small. like crowded with two people small. like you have to kick someone off if you want to open the door small.

not to mention i'd feel a little better if there was a deck between me and the hognose snake that lives under our house. *shiver*

i'm going to save the inside of the house for another post since it would be so long, and i may even split it up into two posts.. thats way too much waiting for uploads, people.

the street names in welch are named after types of trees.

why couldn't we have lived one street over on hickory street? or elm street?

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  1. ummm HI!! I didn't know you started a BLOG!! Love it! Keep it coming! Miss You!