June 17, 2010

our house - part 1

in this post i will show yall the living room and the kitchen since there are more pictures for them than for the bedrooms. trust me.. this will help:

i'd also like to point out that i am on hold with office max at work and their "on hold" music is rap music. i think someone's getting fired tomorrow at office max.

the front door is there on the left. 
kanyon and i spend hardly any time on that couch watching seasons of lost. (thats not true.)

on the left, that is a canvas of one of kanyon and i's engagement pictures sitting on a haystack. we are also planning on buying a cow hide to put under that table to give it some depth.

did i just say "give it some depth"? ... i think vaughn and her hgtv is rubbing off on me.

this is where my african elephant and zebra live on the wall behind the table to the left of the above photo.

kanyon and i found this lightswitch plates at the houston livestock show.

ok now to the kitchen --

we did a total makeover to it - pretty much everything you see here.. is not the same as before.

aunt jaleen and i painted the cabinets the cream color. lauren baker and i painted the walls yellow. kanyon and his dad did some redesigning and moving of the cabinets so we could have the microwave there. they also put the new counters in. kanyon did the backsplash by himself (close up pic later). meme and grandad gave us their fridge. i took off one of the cabinet doors to make open shelving for the dishes.

there's probably more but i've most likely blocked the worst of it from my memories.

we still haven't bought curtains for these windows, which i'm hoping will make this room a little smaller.

my cookbooks, and my card holder, which is filled with my young life kid's graduation announcements..

why weren't these cute cards in style when i graduated??

a close up look at our everyday dishes.. i love 'em.

 one of my most favorite purchases..

thanks ann!

 a closer look at our back splash. i think it looks like old metal ceiling tiles.

 well, its 5 minutes after my work day ended at work so i'm leavin!


  1. Erika!!
    I love the pictures of your beautiful house! Addison and I can't wait to have our own place someday (mainly I just can't wait to decorate!) I hope you are enjoying married life!

    Blair Brown :)

    P.S I love the blog! I will have to start one when I am finished with grad school!

  2. i made jimmy look at ya'lls house and both of us are so impressed with your color combinations...even Jimmy said, "wow that looks really nice"

    when ever we get a house (which will probably be in like eleventy years) you will have to come and help me decorate...you'll probably have a baby on your hip by that time...which will make the process all the more entertaining and adorable.

  3. Erika! y'alls house is soooo cute!!