June 11, 2010

first post

well.. here i am creating a blog. i thought it would be a good place to let people in on all the changes that have been going on in kanyon and i's life these days!

1. we have been working very hard on our new house in welch.

2. i got a job! i work at first baptist church in lamesa as the ministry assistant.

3. i am a cowgirl now. oh you didn't know that i entered myself in the next rodeo?

4. that was definitely a joke.

5. i'm getting better at cooking and i really like it!!

6. this list seems kind of stupid now.

more to come on all of these - i'll probably do a separate post on all of them. and the other stuff that i can't think of.

in the mean time, i'm going to get a lot more familiar with my fancy camera so i can put some good pictures up!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Erika! Good blog! I'll be visiting often.
    I Love you,