June 11, 2010

welcome to welch, tx

(kanyon's family is going to think this is hilarious. but here I go..)

welcome to welch, tx. where the weather is hot and so are the people.

i tried to look up the population a while back.. but apparently no one keeps up with such things around here.

here is the school that kanyon and his siblings and his parents, among other aunts and uncles, all went to. 

our kids will go there too someday. 

the source of many of kanyon's school memories: six man football and track.

the post office where we receive news from the outside world. that is if the pony express is in service that day.

just kiddin. 

the church of christ we attend with kanyon's family. kanyon's dad, kalith, is an amazing preacher. just ask around, people'll tell ya.

i didn't feel that a tour a welch was complete with out a pumpjack and wheat. cause there's lots of them. lots of it. how would you say that?

there's a few buildings like this that i don't really know what do.

and then on the right, there is the one gas pump for people like me who wait till the last minute to fill up then find themselves on E with no town in the next 15 miles.

i know what you're wondering... and the answer is yes. 
i did just fit the whole town of welch in my view finder.

thanks for stopping by! please bring hummus next time you come.


  1. Oh boy!! Next time we are in Lubbock we might need to trolley on over for an "official visit" !! Love your new blog & love you!

  2. That IS hilarious! I love it!

  3. Jimmy and I read it and laughed pretty hard! I miss you friend!!

  4. Erika,

    You are so funny! I am thrilled you have a blog! You will fit right in out there because West Texans have a great sense of humor, hearts of gold and live forever! It's gotta be somethin' in the water.

  5. Love it! I've never tried to fit all of Welch into one pic. Nice job.