June 22, 2010

our house, part 2

i'm sorry i didn't get this out last night.. i thought that i had already taken pictures of our bedroom so when i went to post this, i had every room except our bedroom! and then i accidently left my memory cards at work last night so i couldn't take a picture last night. soooo... here is the rest of our house except for our bedroom!
i'll do a post on that tomorrow after i take a picture of it.

our bathroom:

 vaughn and i painted the woodwork in the bathroom. that was a bundle of fun.

four coats of paint.

small beveled surface area.

bundle of fun.

** edit: my mom helped with a lot of painting too. sorry, mom :) i was just talking about the woodwork.

 i must say, though, that our bathroom is one of my favorites, decoration wise.

the guest bathroom:

the color came out kinda funny in this picture. its really a hunter green with navy blue and tan on the shower curtain.

when we first saw the house, i planned on chunkin the lights. but after vaughn cleaned them off, i kinda like their vintage look.

but the picture doesn't really show it well because the glass fixtures have a design on them that you can't see.

the guest bedroom:

this is basically all my college bedrooms combined.. not that gender neutral.

this is a vanity that my parents got me a long time ago that i still love. i've gotten lots of compliments on it! good job, parents.

the office / work out room / second guest room / catch-all

i just realized i didn't move that box! just imagine it without that junk box that kanyon put in there the other day.

see? catch-all room.

we haven't painted this room yet and it really needs it. you can't tell from the picture, but there are a lot of nicks and scratches all over the walls.

i got an awesome treadmill from my parents for graduation. thats that big black thing folded up.

we have really great closet space in this house. there's two in this room.

alright, i promise i'll finish up this house tour tonight! lauren baker is coming in town today so i'm taking her out to a fancy steakhouse. k-bob's!

which is not fancy or even known for having good steaks. sorry lauren. gotta work with what we got in lamesa.

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  1. It all looks great, and I helped with painting too!