June 21, 2010

ruidoso, nm

kanyon and i just got back last night from his grandmother's (Mama Brown) family reunion last night. we had a lot of fun! apparently everyone in west texas has been or goes to ruidoso regularly.. yet i've never heard of the place until i started dating kanyon. houston doesnt have mountains just a couple hours away, ok! houston has galveston. BUT houston does have restaurants. which may win in my book.

anyway, here's some pictures:

bailey & landon (kanyon's brother and his girlfriend), a bear, kanyon, me
i don't know why the exposure on this picture is weird.
or why my husband couldn't smile.

another bear haha. this is kanyon's cousins' little girl, sage. she's adorable.

the boys played golf, no exaggeration, every spare moment. even if that meant waking up at 7 am on a vacation. who does that?

the last night, we went go kart racing with all the cousins. it was a blast! but that might have a lot to do with the fact that kanyon couldn't beat me all four hundred times we raced.

more house pictures coming later today!

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