June 23, 2010

wisdom teeth

well kanyon is in austin today getting his wisdom teeth taken out. he signed up for this experimental things so he actually gets paid to have them take them out if he will take their medicine after. his sister jada did it first so we knew that its okay. thanks for taking that risk for us, jada.

after his surgery, he has to stay there for 6 hours after so they can monitor him on the meds. he can't use his phone but they allow him to have a computer so we've been skyping today.

i had grand plans for posting the funny things kanyon would say under the influence of drugs. it was going to be a really funny post, trust me. but all i got was this:

Erika: i'll get you some soup today
Kanyon: k
Erika: so whatcha doin now?
Kanyon: movie
Erika: well i finished another twilight book today.. she just came out with another one. guess that tells you how much work i've done today.
Kanyon: yeah
Erika: i was hoping you would be so loopy we we have some funny conversations on here
Kanyon: nope

Thanks for ruining that, Kanyon.

p.s. I promise I did some work today..

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