June 30, 2010

our first baby

no, i'm not pregnant. i mean our cotton! this is the baby that kanyon has to feel the "labor pains" for instead.

kanyon is farming on his own for the first time this year starting last january. its been an exciting year to start actually. all of the farmers are excited about all the moisture that we have gotten that we usually don't get!

last night, when i told kanyon that i was going to post about his cotton, he goes "uh.. you might let me see it before you post it just so i can make sure you don't say something stupid." so this is what i'm going to do:
***DISCLAIMER:  i am an amateur farmer's wife. i don't claim to know much about cotton or farming it. i'll try and be as accurate as i know.

ok, now that thats out of the way.. kanyon planted his cotton in the month of may and a little in june (that was a re-plant).

these are pictures of some of his crop, planted in may:

this is his dry land that he needed to replant, so its only a week old. but its comin up so good!!

this is kanyon's tractor that he bought last year - a john deere 8130.

kanyon has about 385 acres of irrigated cotton and about 300 acres of dry land. that means the dry land is only watered by the rain and his irrigated have these irrigation systems on them:

during the summer, kanyon has to check the circle systems (or irrigation systems) a couple times a day to make sure the systems are moving like they are supposed to and that the pressure on the water wells are correct. he has to fix somethin on the systems all the time. like yesterday:

the water wasn't comin out right or something. checkin a well --

its definitely a full time job overseeing those systems during the summer. not to mention the sand fighting (done with a tractor), spraying round up with a spray coup (looks like an airplane that he drives over the fields with), and all the repairing of a million things. i'm probably undershooting all that he does, too.

thats whats goin on with kanyon right now, though. i'm pretty impressed how up and about he's been since his wisdom teeth extraction.. i was down and out for two weeks before i was able to leave the house! and did i mention that he was awake the whole time during his surgery? i just found that out a few days ago.. *shudder*

it really is so pretty out in west texas.

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